Friday, May 11, 2018

Smart Life with the Latest PLDT 's Auratech Telpad

 Nowadays with the fast pace of life we have,  were busy with so many things to do and finish, we multitasks. Good thing there's innovations & technologies to help us out on these our everyday tasks.

 And yes one good news is the latest PLDT Auratech TEL PAD (Telephone/Tablet) that would give smart UX (user experience) to landline user.  Telpad Smart UX is just like our android smartfone. It has caller ID with photo, unlimited contacts & call log ( history). Best of all it has a Smart Home control for 99%  Home appliances are IR based control. This telpad has a 3D Iinfrared TX. It can learn foreign control function. Control your home appliance from remotely or outside your home thru mobile network (download app). You can also schedule the control. And save as IFFT.

  View video here
One more good feature it has is, it has Home Smart Care for your family. It can detect your body temperature, eight & composition by simply placing the tablet at your head for a minute. It can keep family record & history. It also has alarm & advice. What more can we ask for. Things are looking good with all this technology is giving us  how can we go wrong. Despite the rush we encounter everyday, with the help of this technologies, we can get things done

I was just happy i got invited to this event at Home168 and got to know this relevant and latest of PLDT product.
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