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  The first Philippine Wood Expo and Forum (Phil Wood Expo 2016) will take place on October 25thand 26th at the Centennial Hall Ballroom, The Manila Hotel. With the strong support from the industry, Phil Wood Expo 2016 will feature local and international exhibitors and attract high quality trade professionals from all over the world. Phil Wood Expo 2016 aims to gather top industry players, wood specialists, and enthusiasts who can share proven trends, policies and technologies that promoted sustainable building and reforestation with wood.Enormous Support and Participation of VIP GuestsServing the industry for 60 years, Phil Wood Expo 2016 is a landmark event organized by the Philippine Wood Producers Association (PWPA). PWPA is an association of corporations, partnerships and individuals brought together by their common passion to grow the Philippine wood industry.

  Numerous VIP guests will celebrate the Phil Wood Expo 2016 and these include Hon.
Regina Paz Lopez (DENR Secretary), Hon. Ramon Lopez (DTI Secretary), Arch. James Jao
(National President of the Philippine Institute of Interior Design), Arch. Ma. Lourdes Martinez
Onozawa (CEO of MLMO Architecture & Planning), Arch. Gelo Mañosa (CEO of Mañosa & Co. Inc.), and Arch. Felino A. Palafox (Principal Architect-Urban Planner and Founder of Palafox Architecture Group, Inc.) along with the PWPA Board of Trustees.

  Feature with new Industry Developments and InnovationsWood is at the heart of the PWPA. Its members from the forest management and development, manufacturing, processing, distribution, and marketing of wood products work with the government, communities and other stakeholders to promote responsible forestry. It is for this reason that PhilWood Expo 2016 carried the theme ‘Wood: A Strong Climate Change Solution’. Although wood is a misunderstood material, it is actually the only real sustainable material left not manufactured by carving out mountains but created by the sun. Young trees growing aggressively absorb and trap carbon dioxide in its trunk which basically is how it actively reduces greenhouse effects on earth. Unfortunately upon maturity, this rate of Carbon Dioxide absorption slows down much like adults absorb milk for calcium. As advocated by PWPA, if wood is sourced responsibly from Tree Plantations and NOT protected natural old-growth forests, wood use encourages tree farms to increase planting cycles and coverage areas resulting to more CO2-storing trees and increased forest covers. PWPA believes the Philippines, with its richness in soil and natural resources, can take advantage of business sector interests in investments intertwined with social responsibility by promoting commercial Tree Farming in the country. PWPA through Phil Wood Expo 2016 strives to create a business-friendly exhibition and industry-networking event that will attract investors in sustainable forestry and plantation development.

With an initiative of government to update statutes governing forestry and wood industry, wood certification of responsible sourcing and tree farms may proliferate in the country. If such happens, one may expect much-needed infusion of investment funds into the local economy, employment of work forces in the countryside, increase in forest covers throughout the archipelago and better protection of the old-growth forests of the country, the host of endemic flora and fauna, by better-funded government agencies.Fascinating Concurrent Events Address the Hottest Industry IssuesApart from the participation of key exhibitors and launch of new products, high-caliber industry experts are invited to share their insights on the challenges and opportunities of the wood industry,and introduce the latest technology, eco-friendly and sustainable production solutions.

Forum Topics include: ‘Policies and Directions for Forestry and Wood Under the Duterte
Administration’, ‘IDEA + WOOD: From Asian to Global Perspective’, ‘Incorporating Wood in Local Architecture (The Philippine Way), and ‘Green Architecture for Sustainable Cities’.
Climate change may be the biggest challenge the world is facing, yet the wood industry is in a unique position to offer a strategic and effective solution. Phil Wood Expo 2016 will provide new insights to the industry players and motivates the industry development.

By inaugurating the first Philippine Wood Expo and Forum, the Philippine Wood Producers
Association remains steadfast in its vision of becoming a strong and dynamic non-government organization committed to the economic and environmentally-sound development of the wood industry in the Philippines.

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