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Moymoy Lulumboy, Now In Book 3 @MIBF 2016

  After more than 25 years in giving well love romance written by Filipinos for Filipinos, Precious Heart Romances of Precious Pages Corporation is launching its new section that features unconventional love stories, that tackles romances with theme of gothic, fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, paranormal, suspense-thriller, detective and more.
  This is Rebel Fiction to which 10 new titles are introduce to its readers last September 17 during the Manila International Book Fair in SMX Convention Center. Most of its writers are upcoming and young, some already made a hit online and has a huge following.

  During its presentation, most writers admit that even though it is all fiction based, their stories are generally the stories of people they are close with, friends with or somebody they knew. It also shows that they really enjoy writing and can expect more to come in the coming years.
  The 10 new Filipino written books is also sold online on a digital format, are available thru the official website of precious pages or in any bookstore nationwide.

Book Cover of 10 Rebel Fiction Books.
This books are the following.
· CHICKBOY BOY by Maricar Dizon – A rich boy story who court a girl out of fun, but after a year it he got a biggest surprise, because that girl is claiming that they had a child.
· LEIA’S DIARY by Victoria Amor- A campus bully story that was saved by her knight and shining armor.
· LESBI IN LOVE by Ow Wsic- A lesbian teen who is deeply inlove with her Girl Best Friend, but eventually falls in love with the campus notorious playboy.
· LOVE IN A GAME by Kayla Caliente – A girl attracting a guy thru a virtual reality game that they don’t know how to stop and exit.
· MY FAT CHANCE by Sofia- A Beauconera (Pageant wannabe) story but having a hard time since she loves to eat, and eventually fall in love to a martyr guy.
· OUR LAST COLORFUL DAYS by Tyra – A Story of 15 year old painter who meet his exact opposite, but it didn’t last due to her terminal ill disease.
· I KNOW HE WAS TROUBLE by Heart Yngrid – A avid novel online reader, who want to create her own love story novel, of her and a campus bully.
· SUPERNOVA by Luna King – A Depressed 18 year old girl, who find forever thru a Doll name Levi Mitchell Hope, and their stories how to bring Levi into being human again.
· VANILLA TWILIGHT by Luna King – A death wish need to be done story that journey tru time and light.
Moymoy Lulumboy, now in Book 3.
Author Jun Matias and Illustrator Jomike Tejido
From Lampara Books, comes now the much awaited third installment of children’s most favorite Kid aswantg, no other than Moymoy Lulumboy. The third sequel focuses on how Moymoy and his twin brother Alangkaw will journey to save their mother.
Wrtiter Segundo Matias, Jr told us during the press conference that he enjoy most this third book, it’s because his imagination in creating it became more open and no limits, it’s like you can really tell what will happen or how it will end. It took Matias one year to finish it.
PETA Members for excerpts of Moymoy.
Illustrator Jomike Tejido also share that “Ang Paghahanap kay Inay” is more fun to do, due to many characters being introduce this time.
Matias also known as Kuya Jun has published around 1500 children’s books, he is a Palanca awardee in 2011 for his Alamat ng Duhat for Literature. He did write screenplays for some TV and movies before. While Illustrator Tejido already had 70 books published including illustrations for Oxford University Press.
Moymoy Lulumboy along with the two previous books are still available in bookstore nationwide and online at You can send them email at or call them at (02)414-6188.
Philippine Educational Theater Association members highlights the launching, as they read and act some excerpts of Moymoy Lulumboy as well with the Rebel Fiction.

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