Friday, September 30, 2016

The Super Skin Transformation: #IbalikAngFeeling ng healthy skin with the new JOHNSON’S® Milk+Oats™ Baby Bath and Lotion

The Super Skin Transformation:
#IbalikAngFeeling ng healthy skin with the new JOHNSON’S® Milk+Oats™ Baby Bath and Lotion
Super Mom Marian Rivera-Dantes shows how soap-damaged skin can be restored to being completely nourished
Moms are heroes, no question. They will go to extraordinary lengths to make sure their family gets the best care they can provide. But there is a battle where even moms are tricked into thinking they have won, and could potentially harm their and their babies’ precious, soft skin. However, with the help of JOHNSON’S®, moms can become super moms by saving soap-damaged to complete nourishment!
At the JOHNSON’S® Supermoms’ Transformation event, its new ambassadors, supermom Marian Rivera-Dantes and Baby Zia, were unveiled. The event showcased how moms can become supermoms by helping save skin from being soap-damaged.
“We grew up in a society where that squeaky-dry feeling is the desired feeling after taking a bath. However, more than half of Filipino moms do not know that this actually means that their and their babies skins are already soap-damaged, and it is an unseen battle they are currently facing,” shared JOHNSON’S® Franchise Marketing Manager Bessie Campillo. “As a company who has been at the helm of helping Filipino moms show the best kind of care they can give their babies, we at J&J Philippines are happy to introduce JOHNSON’S® Milk+Oats™– our best-ever variant that will help address the under-recognized problem of soap-damaged skin among babies, toddlers, and even moms!”
In a study conducted by J&J among moms, they were asked to assess their babies’ skin health. Only 10% believed theirs had dry skin, yet, after diagnosis, they found out that 60% of their babies have clinically-visible dry skin. Clearly, most moms are being misled into believing their babies’ skin are in the pink of health. Fact: the resulting after-bath squeaky feeling from using bar soap is already a clear indication of dry skin – even without visible flaking or roughness.
The Transformative Journey from Soap-Damaged Skin to Nourished Skin
During the launch event, Marian, together with the guests, undertook the Supermoms’ Transformation, a Z-shaped activity area designed to help them go from being a regular mom to being a Supermom! The first phase of the guests’ Supermoms’ Transformation informed them of the hazards posed by squeaky-dry skin caused by using family bar soap, visualized by the rapid drop of moisture through the “healthy skin meter”, with the soap being cast aside afterwards.
Next they were introduced to the super powers of milk and oats – two potent ingredients specifically formulated to restore soap-damaged skin to its healthy, moisturized state. Demonstrated through a fun, ingredient-catching game, the healthy skin meter was immediately filled up by the power of Milk + Oats.
To provide solid, scientific background on the effectiveness of Oats on skin, Dr. Ma. Victoria Dizon informed the guests of its gentle, skin-friendly moisturizing properties ideal for baby and mommy use. For a first-hand experience of the power of the new JOHNSON’S® Milk+Oats™ baby bath and lotion, guests applied the products on their skin, with the healthy skin meter instantaneously detecting the increase in moisture.
Finally, bedecked with several “super items” (armband, gloves and cape) collected from the previous areas, the last phase of the Supermoms’ Transformation sees guests become Super Moms: transformed by the knowledge of harmful soap experience and the restorative power of Milk + Oats! After completing her own transition into a Super Mom, Marian congratulated all the moms for their super transformation, and related her own eye-opening experiences in the world of motherhood.
The Supermoms’ Transformation journey was made more super with milkshake refreshments, oatmeal cookies and even a complete bath time set of JOHNSON’S® Milk+Oats™ that were given to the attendees to complete their experience to a healthy and nourished skin transformation.
#IbalikAngFeeling ng Healthy Skin
Marian and JOHNSON’S® believe our babies deserve only the best kind of care, which is why she and Baby Zia are now the faces of JOHNSON’S® Milk+Oats™ baby bath and lotion to help mothers—first-time or not—become the Supermoms their babies deserve. Let the Super Skin Transformation begin, #IbalikAngFeeling ng healthy skin with JOHNSON’S® Milk+Oats™
JOHNSON’S® Milk+Oats™ baby bath and baby lotion are now available in leading supermarkets, drug stores, and department stores nationwide for Php100.75 and Php168.25, for 200ml, respectively.
It is also available on ZALORA, Asia's leading online fashion destination. Visit to choose over 1,000 brands and shop with ease as ZALORA offers 30-day free returns, speedy delivery as fast as 1-3 days in Metro Manila, and multiple payment methods including cash on delivery.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Get Cash, Rewards With Snapcart’s Latest Updates

   Snapcart users can now enjoy the app more as it brings in more updates and added features to increase cashbacks, simply by snapping receipts!
Snapcart is a mobile app that gives its users cashback by simply taking a snap of grocery receipts. In turn, data gathered from receipts provide real-time shopper insights to the app’s partner brands.
To bring in more rewards to app users, Snapcart announced users may take a snap, not just of grocery – but other retail stores such as pharmacies, health and beauty stores. This will eventually expand to all retail establishments including food & beverages, electronics, and apparels, to name a few. Rewards increase as users regularly use the app.
“We received an overwhelming response from users. We got more than a thousand downloads per day in the first weeks of the launch, surpassing our already strong results in Indonesia, but we still got questions on what receipts to upload. To take the guesswork out and make it more rewarding for users, Snapcart decided to update its features to accept all types of receipts. We also made it more engaging by introducing in-app games that could let users win even more rewards”, said Snapcart Co-founder, Mayeth Condicion.
The new game is called Snaptastic, an in-app bonus game feature where users can accumulate coins just by filling out in-app surveys, watching videos, taking selfies with their favorite products, or guessing mystery products. These coins may be used to increase users’ chances of getting cash, and other interesting surprises like shopping vouchers from Snapcart’s partner brands.
What’s in it for enterprises?
On a global scale, e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay dominate the use of real-time data analytics. Off the shelf brands continue to rely on manually gathered and limited data on consumer preferences and behavior.
In the Philippines, the online retail market accounts for more or less 3% of the population , majority of Filipino shoppers still prefer doing their shopping off the shelf, thus the need for a more efficient way to gather offline and online data.
Snapcart technology is able to bridge the gap in gathering online and offline data by analyzing receipts in real time, and providing meaningful insights on how to understand customers better, to grow brands, and to see what drives growth or assess effectiveness of marketing promotions and campaigns.
As Snapcart processes more variety of receipts, the app can expand data analytics services to industries beyond Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) to fashion, electronics, or food and beverages brands to name a few, providing more brands with better understanding of shoppers’ habits and preferences.
Snaptastic makes shopping more fun for users. While users have fun playing the in-app game, and increase cashbacks, brands on the other hand, gain more insight on consumer behavior through surveys, crowd-sourced images or more receipts that they submit while playing the game.
This is a breakthrough in an otherwise traditional way of conducting and answering surveys, and helps obtain even deeper insights about shoppers.
For more information, visit the Snapcart Asia website or Facebook and download the app at the Google Play Store.
Snapcart is Asia’s first real-time shopper engagement app where it allows brands to connect with its consumers directly. Since its launch in August 2016 in the Philippines (September 2015 in Indonesia), the app has been downloaded for over 20,000 times (500,000 in Indonesia) with very minimum marketing push. In attracting its loyal users, Snapcart offers cashbacks for users to upload their shopping receipts. Receipts’ data that Snapcart gets are compiled onto the company’s cloud-based data platform, which then used to provide clients with reports on real-time offline consumer spending and shopping habits--an inherently difficult information to source. To date, globally, Snapcart has partnered up with over 75 brands of fast-moving consumer goods. For more information, 
Visit here:

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How To Be Successful In Life by Ignite Empower Flourish Featuring Francis Kong

Who doens't want to succeed in life, since our childhood we always dream of a good life and be succeesful in everything we set our mind to. But really, being one is a doable thing! I was fortuate enough to be invited in this prescon by IEF on How to be succesful in life, hearing a good deal of success stories from the coaches of said event.
Almost everyone wants to be successful in life. But how can we say that one is already successful? For some, success means having their own house? A car? A stable job? For others, it is just simply having a good family relationship aside from the properties we have just mentioned.
According to Ms. Kristine Marcelo, Chief Executive Officer of Ignite Empower Flourish (IEF), the organizer of symposium dubbed as “Success: Ignite – Empower – Flourish”, a successful person is not only being someone else, but being the best person you can possibly be.
Marcelo said that IEF believes in the potential of young Filipino children that’s why they will be supporting the education to selected children who will study for a minimum of 12 months.For now, IEF have 10 young students in Zamboanga as beneficiaries who really belong to indigent families. In partnership with World Vision, helping IEF in sending these young people to school and have a better education towards a brighter future.To have a much better understanding regarding success, Marcelo said, IEF sponsored a symposium featuring Francis Kong, awell known motivational speaker that could inspire not only our young people but all Filipinos as well on how to strive for success.IEF is a company that aims to improve one’s personality through relevant talks, trainings and seminars like the event that they have slated at 2PM on 18 October 2016, AFP Theater, Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City featuring Francis Kong with special guest speakers Eric Cruz and Ace Gapuz. Ticket price is at P1,900.00 for the benefit of World Vision.Marcelo said that for this event, IEF is offering a “Buy 3 take one promo” available only when purchased directly from IEF between September 20 to 30, 2016. And also the first 50 students who would purchase a ticket from September 20 onwards will only pay P999.00.IEF is built to fall under social entrepreneurship where projects are partially for profit and for a cause.For reservations, please get in touch with Patricia Lana and /or Princess Erica Cruz at 0915.655.9480.
Visit here: /
On Fb:
For more details please contact:Jay Mante /

NHMFC to Host the Philippine Housing Finance Conference 2016

 THE National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation (NHMFC), in partnership with the CFA Society of the Philippines, will be hosting the Philippine Housing Finance Conference 2016 at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel on October 6, 2016.
The Philippine Housing Finance Conference is a one-day event dedicated to the discussion of issues that affect and could affect the operations of the housing finance sector. With the ASEAN integration finally taking effect this year, the theme for the 2016 conference is “ASEAN Integration and the Philippine Housing Finance Market”.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Globe Telecom Joins Sustainable Global Companies With Its New Purpose

Going beyond achieving business success as the Philippines leading mobile communications provider, Globe Telecom is embarking on a purpose-led transformation for a more sustainable organization, steps that admirable companies globally have likewise taken.

Globe president and CEO Ernest Cu unveiled the company's purpose of 'Treating people right to create a Globe of Good' at the recent Wonderful World of Globe XII event held at the Globe Iconic Store in Bonifacio Global City.

Anchored on its new corporate vision of leading a Philippines where families’ dreams come true, businesses flourish and the nation is admired, the company hopes to fulfill its vision by creating wonderful experiences, helping its customers overcome challenges and discovering new ways to enjoy life, Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu revealed.

Globe Telecom Completes TV White Space Trials to Improve Internet Connectivity

The first Philippine telecommunications company to adopt the TV white space frequency for broadband use, Globe Telecom has successfully completed a TV white space trial for wireless backhaul.

“The TV White Space provides us with another means to bridge the Digital Divide in remote rural areas where traditional means of backhaul such as fiber or multi-hop microwave terrestrial backhaul does not make it economically viable for telecommunication providers to deploy broadband facilities,” Globe Senior Vice President for Network Technologies Strategy Emmanuel Estrada said.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

How Far can You Hide the Truth? See The Broken Vows in Theater this Week!

BROKEN VOWS features today’s hottest upcoming stars with Blindspot’s Jaimie Alexander as Tara, together with Wes Bentley (Patrick), Alexandra Breckenridge (Debra), and Cam Gigandet as fiancé Michael.  

On her bachelorette-party weekend with friends in New Orleans, Tara falls for the darkly-sexy bartender Patrick.  Waking in his bed the next morning, Tara instantly regrets her unfaithfulness and flies back home to her fiancé.  Her secret flame becomes a full-on fire when Patrick shows up at her house, surreptitiously tries to cancel her wedding arrangements, and stalks her every move.

He spirals into madness and delusion, determined to have Tara no matter what the cost.  When his efforts fail, he tracks the newlyweds on their honeymoon where he erupts in a psychotic, murderous rage.  Tara will have to find the strength she never knew she possessed to stop Patrick from destroying her marriage and her life.

Info Security Group to Hold Summit on Sept 29-30 @SMX Aura

The path towards the creation of a “New Information Security Culture” in the Philippines takes firmer shape this September 29 to 30 as the Information Security Officers Group (ISOG) holds the first “ISOG Summit 2016”.

The event will be held the SM Aura Premier, SMX Convention Center at the Bonifacio Global City.

ISOG is made up of chief information security officers (CISO) as well other IT security professionals in the country’s leading banks and other financial institutions.

Organized in 2014, ISOG is among the latest trade and professional organization to form part of the roster of trade and professional organizations in the Philippine IT community.

ISOG president and founding member Manuel “Joey” Regala said the summit has been designed to equip information security leaders with the latest industry standards with regard to cyber-security in the financial sector.

Some of the topics to be tackled by leading IT security experts from the Philippines and abroad will be fraud management, establishment of cyber-forensic teams, security incidents and events management (SIEM), establishment of security operations centers (SOCs).

Regala said there will also be trade exhibitors at the two-day ISOG Summit 2016.

He explained that as an IT trade and professional organization, ISOG advocates further standardization of processes and procedures across the country’s financial sector. This will be done by working closely with financial regulators, relevant government agencies and industry colleagues.

“I encourage you to seize this opportunity to be part of the transformation of information security in the country,” Regala said.

ISOG Summit 2016 will be the first trade and industry convention to be organized by the recently formed IT professional organization whose mission is to strengthen information security through awareness and education programs within the country’s banking and financial sector.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Keep the Community Hustling everyday with Accelerate Paseo

   Acceler8 was a mere idea for the four founders, Mikko Barranda, Carlo Coronel, Bryant Cuison and Albert Goh. They envisioned building and managing a space where like-minded individuals could easily discuss and work together. Inspired and driven towards this vision, the founders got together and turned their ideas into a reality. Today, Acceler8 has over a hundred community members, twenty five offices, two amazing spaces and one growing team with the passion to keep the community #hustling everyday.
Acceler8 - 111 Paseo de Roxas
Less than a year after they opened their first branch in Salcedo Village, the Acceler8 team welcomed new members to a wider, more versatile space in 111 Paseo de Roxas Building, Legaspi Village, Makati City. Acceler8, Paseo is everything and more for promising entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers or students. Following the same design aesthetics of their first branch, Acceler8 Paseo gives of an industrial feel; the workspace promotes productivity with bright white lights in the offices and work areas, accent green spaces, and a 100 SQM event space onsite.
Their services include coworking membership plans and dedicated spaces, such as dedicated desks and private serviced office suites. Their meeting rooms can also be booked in advance online or through their Community Advocates. Each of their members is given privileged access to their affiliate office center, vOffice’s conference rooms, meeting rooms and lounges.
The new workspace at 111 Paseo de Roxas houses 20 fully-equipped offices that may be rented out for a minimum of three months, and world-class meeting rooms equipped with Smart TV and projectors perfect for corporate meetings and brainstorming sessions. What’s more exciting is a wider coworking space that welcomes more members to experience the Acceler8 community. The team has also stepped it up a notch at Paseo by having Kuppa provide specialty coffee available for all members and guests at the space. Walk-in and experience their community by purchasing a Day Pass or choose from their monthly coworking plans.
The Big 1
On September 22, 2016, Acceler8 will open its doors to the public with an event entitled, “The Big 1”, at their newly opened 111 Paseo de Roxas branch. The event is set to let their guests experience their community vibe, and learn more about their services. The event will begin with the an Acceler8 Open House where they will offer free coworking to all start ups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and the like, for the whole day. Guests will also get to enjoy free workshops and business consultations, while pop-up booths from their tie-up partner establishments will be offering free food and beverages. An Acceler8 community member or an Acceler8 tie-up partner - making it an event by startups for startups, will manage each booth.
Guests will be encouraged to stay until the end of the night to join the whole Acceler8 team as they end the night with great music, delicious food, and cocktails at the Acceler8 After Party - A grand finale to a day full of celebration and collaboration.
An idea is nothing until acted upon. This holds true as the dreams and visions the co-founders once had is now a reality. There will definitely be a lot more to look forward to at Acceler8. Seeing what they’ve accomplished in just one year is proof that this local start-up is set to conquer more cities- both locally and internationally, in the upcoming years.
Acceler8 has locations at:
7/f Finman Center, 131 Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village, Makati City
UB 111 Paseo de Roxas Building, Legaspi Village, Makati City
Call 917-8118 or email for more info.
Follow Acceler8 on
Instagram: @acceler8ph with the hashtag, #acceler8ph

The Big 1: Acceler8 Opens Its Doors to the Public

  Acceler8 was a mere idea for the four founders, Mikko Barranda, Carlo Coronel, Bryant Cuison and Albert Goh. They envisioned building and managing a space where like-minded individuals could easily discuss and work together. Inspired and driven towards this vision, the founders got together and turned their ideas into a reality. Today, Acceler8 has over a hundred community members, twenty five offices, two amazing spaces and one growing team with the passion to keep the community #hustling everyday.
Acceler8 - 111 Paseo de Roxas
Less than a year after they opened their first branch in Salcedo Village, the Acceler8 team welcomed new members to a wider, more versatile space in 111 Paseo de Roxas Building, Legaspi Village, Makati City. Acceler8, Paseo is everything and more for promising entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers or students. Following the same design aesthetics of their first branch, Acceler8 Paseo gives of an industrial feel; the workspace promotes productivity with bright white lights in the offices and work areas, accent green spaces, and a 100 SQM event space onsite.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Experience Pasig River Once Again with Zopper Cruise

  Zoomanity launches Zooper CruiseThe Philippines is well-endowed with many beautiful tourist attractions, yet manyFilipinos as well as foreign tourists have not yet discovered the beauty of MetroManila. Zoomanity Group with an aim to promote education and environmentalconservation of  Pasig   River launches  Zooper   Cruise,   a zooper  unique   cruiseexperience under Zoomanity Foundation.Started last August 25, 2016, Zooper Cruise will be a specially arranged tour inPasig River every first Saturday of the month. For as slow as P699 to P1, 999,you will get a chance to rediscover the beauty of historical places in Manila likeIntramuros and Fort Santiago, highlighting also the World’s 1st and biggest ChinaTown. The tour is complete with good ambiance and music, snacks and drinks,photo souvenir and a lot more.Zooper Cruise is the newest project under Zoomanity Foundation which is part ofour company social responsibility. It caters the 4 pillars of our mission and visionwhich are Education, Entertainment, Environmental Conservation and Exhibit.Briefly, Zoomanity  Group   is   one of the leading  companies  in   the   theme   parkindustry in the Philippines under the Yupangco Group of Companies. We havemore than 30 years  of experience in the field  and at present, we have  eightoperating local and international parks namely Zoobic Safari in Subic, ZoocobiaFun Zoo in Clark, Clarkzilla in Clark, Residence Inn in Tagaytay, Paradizoo inMendez,   Cavite,   Zoocolate   Thrills   in   Bohol,   Zootopia   in  Nagano,   Japan   andAnimal Research and Development Park in Victoria Australia.Rediscover the splendor of Manila historical landmarks. To know more about thisZooper Cruise experience, contact us at 899-9819/ 899-9824/0917-9521371 orvisit media and public relations is the marketing, branding and public relationcompany   of   Zoomanity   Group.   For   our   events   and   services,   send   inquiry or call 09166299381

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Free Workshops Amp Up Power Mac Center Sync Sessions 2016, Homegrown Indie Artists Set to Play

Power Mac Center sets the stage for the return of its extraordinary musical fete Sync Sessions, with the introduction of Masterclass sessions by OPM legends and technical trainings on music production apps. Completing the experience are in-store live performances from homegrown independent acts.

Sync Sessions is an audio experience that showcases the power of apps, accessories, and Apple devices in music-making. This year, it will additionally feature intense workshops from music legends including no less than “Mr. Pure Energy” Gary Valenciano on September 27. This will be followed by Urbandub’s Gabby Alipe on October 1 and Raimund Marasigan on October 16. All Masterclass sessions will be held at Power Mac Center Greenbelt 3 from 1-4 PM.

“This year’s Power Mac Center Sync Sessions aims to encourage more artists to experiment on music production--be it for songs, sound effects, movies, or home videos. We hope that by providing the technical knowhow through our brand ambassadors and invited experts, we’ll be able to spark greater interest in the use of Apple technology in creating music,” said Power Mac Center Marketing Director Joey Alvarez.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Big 1: Acceler8 Opens Its Doors to the Public

Acceler8 was a mere idea for the four founders, Mikko Barranda, Carlo Coronel, Bryant Cuison and Albert Goh. They envisioned building and managing a space where like-minded individuals could easily discuss and work together. Inspired and driven towards this vision, the founders got together and turned their ideas into a reality. Today, Acceler8 has over a hundred community members, twenty five offices, two amazing spaces and one growing team with the passion to keep the community #hustling everyday.

Acceler8 - 111 Paseo de Roxas

Less than a year after they opened their first branch in Salcedo Village, the Acceler8 team welcomed new members to a wider, more versatile space in 111 Paseo de Roxas Building, Legaspi Village, Makati City. Acceler8, Paseo is everything and more for promising entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers or students. Following the same design aesthetics of their first branch, Acceler8 Paseo gives of an industrial feel; the workspace promotes productivity with bright white lights in the offices and work areas, accent green spaces, and a 100 SQM event space onsite.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Moymoy Lulumboy, Now In Book 3 @MIBF 2016

  After more than 25 years in giving well love romance written by Filipinos for Filipinos, Precious Heart Romances of Precious Pages Corporation is launching its new section that features unconventional love stories, that tackles romances with theme of gothic, fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, paranormal, suspense-thriller, detective and more.
  This is Rebel Fiction to which 10 new titles are introduce to its readers last September 17 during the Manila International Book Fair in SMX Convention Center. Most of its writers are upcoming and young, some already made a hit online and has a huge following.

Friday, September 9, 2016

2nd Diving and Resort Travel Show bigger, more fun

Dive enthusiasts, marine conservation advocates, and the general public are in for a bigger and more fun Dive Resort Travel (DRT) Philippines Show to be held on Sept. 9 to 112, 2016, at the Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City.
The much-awaited three-day travel fair commits to strengthen the country’s position as a premier dive and business hub in Asia as well as sustain global awareness of the country as having the richest marine biodiversity in the world.
One of the components of the DRT is the dive exhibit which will feature the country’s top dive destinations, dive equipment, dive resorts and destinations, centers/shops, apparel as well as participating national tourism organizations (NTOs).
Also looked forward to is the series of seminars and workshops to be conducted by international dive experts covering topics such as Underwater Photography, Free and Technical Diving, Marine Life Education and Conservation, Dive Safety Education, and Marine Biodiversity in the Philippines.
The VIP presenters include international experts such as Wolfgang Dafert (Austria), Alex Stoyda (Russia), Jonatan Sanchez (Spain), Wilfried Dickes (Germany), Tim Ho, Anuar Abdullah and Patrick Ong (Malaysia), Alex Tyrell (UK), Steven Surina (France), Isabella Maffel (Italy), Mike Bartick, Howard Hall, Beth Barklage Watson and Michele Hall (USA), and Parnupong Norasethkamol, Thailand).
Also contributing their rich experiences are local pros Scott “Gutsy” Tuason, Ivan Manzanares, Bo Mancao, Dennis Corpuz, Penn de los Santos, Reginald Reyes, A.G. Saño, and Dr. Arnel “AA” Yaptinchay.
At the Dive Travel Exchange (DIVE-TRAVEX), invited foreign buyers will find ease in linking with their local counterparts at the business-to-business (B2B) meetings. About 100 buyers are expected from Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, North America, the Middle East, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey and Thailand.
Dive familiarization tours will likewise be hosted for invited buyers, VIPs and international media in top areas such as Anilao, Puerto Galera, Bohol, Malapascua, Moalboal, Coron, Dumaguete, Siquijor and Southern Leyte.
Organized by Hong Kong-based LX Development Group Limited (LXDG), this second installment promises higher booth visitation, greater sales turnover of tour products and services, and higher awareness among locals and foreign guests. Co-organizers include the Department of Tourism (DOT), Tourism Promotions Board (TPB), Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), local travel trade associations, and the sports and underwater associations of participating countries. Support organizations include the World Underwater Federation, scuba diving schools (CMAS, NAUI, PADI and SSI), the Divers Alert Network (DAN), sellers of scuba diving equipment, accommodation facilities and airlines. About 30 international media outfits will join local media in creating much buzz about the event.
Last year’s show attracted 4,569 international visitors from 36 countries over the three-day period with 59 local and international companies taking up 111 booths at the exhibition area. At the Dive Travex, there were 65 international buyers and 35 local sellers.
Information on the three-day program of activities and list of specific topics for the event may be viewed at the DRT website One may also communicate directly with Ms. Wen Sorioso of the DOT-Market Development Group in Makati City at telephone numbers (632) 459-5200 to 30, local 520 or through e-mail: and

The First All-German Film @GERMAN FILM WEEK 2016!

The Goethe-Institut Philippinen in partnership with Ayala Malls Cinemas presents
GERMAN FILM WEEK 2016, the first all-German film event in the Philippines in recent years.

Opening the event is the star-studded WHO AM I - No System Is Safe (WHO AM I - Kein System ist sicher) by director Baran bo Odar on September 21, 7:00 PM at Glorietta 4. Regular screenings will follow from September 22 to 27 at the Glorietta 4 and TriNoma cinemas. The Film Week is comprised of thirteen hand-picked features released in Germany in the last two years. Check out the complete screening schedule below.

Tickets are priced at PHP 100 and are available via or at the mall cinema counters.

The GERMAN FILM WEEK is made possible by the support of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP).

See you at the box office!

Visit here:

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bringing the Best of Asian Cinema to Manila At The 3rd Asia On Screen Film Fest!

Asia Society Philippines and Security Bank, together with Ayala Malls Cinemas and the Film Development Council of the Philippines, invite you to experience the biggest event for Asian cinema in Manila. Now on its 3rd year, Asia on Screen Film Festival celebrates excellence in filmmaking through the presentation of award-winning and culturally relevant films. The festival will run from September 15 – 18, 2016 at the Greenbelt 3 cinemas in Makati City.

The festival brings the best of a broad selection of Asia Pacific cinema in order to draw greater recognition to the region's wealth of talented actors and filmmakers. Moviegoers will be transported around the region through stories of forbidden love, to coming of age teenage dramas, to incredible stories of survival and epic historical tales.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Anvil Presents : GIANTS LEVEL UP! Extening Your Boundaries on Sept 9!

 On September 9 starting 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Grand Ballroom of Marriott Hotel, young Filipino Chinese entrepreneurs of Anvil Business Club have invited as guest speakers in the “Anvil Business Summit” such top business leaders Jon Ramon Aboitiz of the Aboitiz clan (ranked the Philippines’ No. 3 wealthiest by “Forbes” magazine with net worth of $5 billion), Megawide Construction co-founder Edgar Saavedra (ranked Philippines’ No. 37 wealthiest by “Forbes” with net worth of $255 million), Concepcion Industries CEO Jojo Concepcion (the Concepcion family is ranked the Philippines’ No. 30 wealthiest with net worth of $450 million) and Silicon Valley’s information technology (IT) tycoon Dado Banatao of California, USA. Also speaker is McKinsey & Co.’s Anders Barlund on marketing to the digital consumers.

Vive Workout Studio Offers Holistic Program for Wellness & Fitness!

VIBE’s mission is to help our customers improve the way they work, look, move, think and feel through a health and wellness facility and program. We strive to be the best in the industry and that means: Providing high quality services at an affordable price Providing a facility that gives high regard to accessibility, hygiene and efficiency. Providing professional coaches, teachers and trained spa personnel. Providing a reward system to motivate employees to have a healthy and fit lifestyle.

1. Fitness Classes - Members can definitely release their stress at Vibe's fitness gym. They can experience the latest gym equipment with the assistance of our coaches, and practice programs designed specifically for their unique lifestyle. 

2. Oxygen Bar – A free-standing bar where people breathe pure Oxygen and aromatherapy from a hygienic and disposable nasal cannula (nose hose). The Oxygen is produced by our noiseless Oxygen concentrating machines which take the ambient air that we breathe (which is only 21% Oxygen) and filters out the pollutants, impurities, and other gases, giving you a 90 to 95% pure Oxygen experience.A typical session at the Oxygen bar would last about 15 minutes and can relieve stress, can improve focus, and can energize the person.

3. Massage Services – Start living a stress-free life through our massage services, designed to reduce muscle pain and tension within a matter of minutes. At VIBE, we offer express chair massages and full body massages. 

Ang Hapis at Himagsik ni Hermano Puli is Story about Love and Sacrifice

  Having seen this film made me contemplate and ponder on what makes a Pilipino, is his/her being one with nature, as simple and natural. We should reflect on our roots and our nature. The pureness of it, like a river and trees, we must be in touch with, we must keep and always refer to, in our lives. Hermano Puli is one film that will tell us this. We have to get to see and understand the clarity, if we have to triumph in this life and lead a good example for others to be enlightened as well, and know what our purpose is.There’s so much to learn from this film, giving us many lessons as well as inspirations.

Decades before the rise of liberalism in Spanish-era colonial Philippines, a young charismatic preacher leads a movement for equality and religious freedom for his fellow native Filipinos. He is hailed as the Christ of the Tagalogs, but is sentenced to death for heresy by both Church and State.

He is Apolinario de la Cruz, known as Hermano Pule or Puli, was a Filipino religious leader who founded and led the Cofradía de San José. The cofradía was formed in 1832 in response to the institutionalised racism of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines. During the Spanish colonial period, Catholic religious orders refused to admit native Filipinos as members. In retaliation, Hermano Pule established his own religious order which was exclusive for native Filipinos. 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week — The Touring Years Arrives Sept 21!

  A compilation of found footage featuring music, interviews and stories of the Beatles 250 concerts from 1963 to 1966.

  The Beatles, the legendary British boy band composed of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison, changed the music industry in 1960 and have since become one of the most influential acts of rock and roll. In the new trailer for Ron Howard’s documentary “The Beatles: Eight Days A Week — The Touring Years,” the four members are seen at the height of Beattlemania, grateful – yet overwhelmed with all their success.
The trailer shows the band surrounded by crazed fans, performing, being interviewed and so much more.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Precious Pelikula: A New Form Of Romance From The Books

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            In April 2016, Precious Pages Corporation, the maker of Precious Hearts Romances Pocket Books, called for amateur film makers to participate in their momentous project.
40 of those dashing film makers joined the said invitation, to create and direct a film with a unique ingredient and that will envision the Precious Hearts Romances Pocket Books. Student and Film Enthusiasts submitted all their great entries just to be one of the finalists and hoping to enter the competition.
After a long and agonizing review of those films that were submitted, only 10 were chosen to be shortlisted.