Saturday, December 31, 2016


 Holiday rush might be over and It’s officially a New Year. Around the globe, most people are trying get back to their old figure after binging on holiday fares and sporting new clothes, new gadgets, and new shoes, but can these make up for looking best at what’s on top of our head, our hair!
Taking care of our mane should be on top of our list just as we go to spa to pamper our body, our hair needs pampering as well. Novuhair, Nature’s answer to hair loss has got you covered.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

NPC: Bagong Taon, Magbagong Buhay at Magbago ng Password/s

 The National Privacy Commission (NPC) is recommending that Internet users change the passwords of their email and social media accounts as part of their new year’s resolutions. According to Privacy Commissioner Raymund Enriquez Liboro; “Regularly changing your passwords for online accounts such as email and social media is one of the most basic and easiest ways of protecting your data privacy.”

The Privacy Commissioner said this after it was recently revealed by Yahoo that more than 1 billion user accounts were compromisedfrom a data breach that happened in August of 2013. The breach is now considered the largest email data breach in history. Sensitive personal data were compromised including email addresses, dates of birth and telephone numbers that can be used in identity theft and phishing scams. The breach much was bigger than the data breach in 2014 of around 500,000 user accounts that was only announced by Yahoo in September of 2016.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Filipino Bloggers Network (FBN) Christmas Get Together with Bloggers and Partners 2016

The Filipino Bloggers Network (FBN), one of the most active bloggers group in the country, will hold its annual Christmas Get-Together at St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant in Mandaluyong City on December 28, 2016.
FBN currently has more than 1,800 blogger members and continue to expand as it provides a venue for Filipino bloggers to interact with other members from different part of the Philippines. Moderating the discussions and posting opportunities from different brands for the group are co-admins Divine RC and Richard Mamuyac.

Friday, December 23, 2016

TOP-O, A Breakthrough for our Skin Care Needs

  Ive always been an advocate of natural products.its not just good for us, but also for our environment. we should always support products that is truly beneficial and naturally fit.

After having attended this event at Salu , i just feel very fortunate to have known this product, which as i have always been interested in, for all good reason, and which we should all be aware of. hereunder is the dettails. 
O22 Health and Beauty, Inc. aims to deliver safe and affordable skincare products for all ages, from infants to the Grandmas and Grandpas at home. We  offer an all-in-one spray treatment to skin problems such as acne, pimple eczema, dermatitis, skin rash etc. No overdose, no contraindications, no special precaution unlike the prescription creams and ointments. Our skin needs the best care possible because it is the largest organ of our body. We help you to achieve a clear and blemish-free skin even in the comforts of your home.
TOP-O is a water-based preparation intended for caring and maintaining good and healthy skin condition. It is composed mainly of dissolved oxygen in water in a light aluminum NON-pressurized spray canister. Since TOP-O is rich in oxygen, TOP-O is best for pimple-prone skin because oxygen acts on the acne-causing bacteria by penetrating the skin and stopping it.

Brian giving his testimony
on the product

TOP-O is also a good skin moisturizer and conditioner that prevent skin dryness and itching. TOP-O is safe for all ages - from a simple diaper rash in babies to skin redness and allergic reactions in adults. TOP-O is also used for mosquito bites and aids greatly in reducing redness and itching.
The ingredients of TOP-O: merely water, dissolved oxygen, and sea salt. Aside from the safe contents of TOP-O, it is stored in a NON-pressurized 80mL aluminum canister which is so convenient
to bring. As for the price, TOP-O is not that pricey compared to the imported brands from France and it can last longer than one month, very economical and very effective to the skin.

O22 Health and Beauty, Inc. is a closed family corporation that was formed for the primary purpose of manufacturing, packaging, and distributing oxygen-based products. It was created in May 2014 with incorporators Victor Cu, Gonnie Cu, Gemma Cu-Ty, Gyllea Cu, and Lyon Cu- all members of the family and all interested to surprise the world how simple it is to be healthy and beautiful. Having also known that oxygen-treated water is also considered soft water, and soft water has more benefits to our body, the key person applied this method on fresh water and was able to experience how well it was for personal daily consumption. After further studying and modifications, it was discovered that in increasing the dissolved oxygen level in water, the oxygen could work wonders in our body cells-- restoring skin suppleness and regaining skin elastin.

These already availabe at the market like Mercury, 7-11, Lazada, Watsons, Southstar Drug etc.

On Fb:
On Instagram: @topicaloxygensupplement
On Twitter: @topicaloxygen 

Gmail: toposupplement@gmail.comFor more information,
CJ Aquino: 0977 813 4122
O22 Health and Beauty Inc.
1283 1B P. Sanchez St. Manila

Monday, December 19, 2016

Who doesn't love FUN and EXCITEMENT? Let Zoomanity Group Theme Parks spell them for you.

Zoobic Safari
Tigers. Crocodiles. Snakes. Lizards. Those were just some of the animals you can see in Zoobic Safari. It is one tourist attraction you will find at Subic Bay Freeport’s Forest Adventure. Embracing a fifty hectare land, local and foreign guests can expect an astonishing sight of diverse exotic animals roaming and frolicking in their simulated natural habitat. It features a wide range of habitats present in the forest due to the terrain, presence of streams, and fringing grasslands. These represent the major habitats for varied exotic animals featured in Zoobic Safari Adventure Park which is the only Tiger Safari in the Philippines with more than 50 tigers. Don't forget also the usual breed of tigers and lion which is know as Ligers.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bakers Maison allows you to ‘Taste the World’

 We filipinos, though rice is our staple food. we have come to love breads, especially when Gardenia came. we can now have bread as our lunch or dinner, since a lot of good choices for these is available already. Also when we are in diet, or health conscious. And if we are always in a hurry, we can easily pack our favorite ones and go. 

I was fortunate to have attended Baker;s Maison opening at Glorietta 4 and get to taste their good choices of breads!

 Bakers Maison, Gardenia’s artisanal specialty bakery café, introduces more breads and pastries inspired and originated from different countries allowing consumers to experience signature bread experience from all over the world.
Through the technology and bread making expertise of Gardenia Bakeries Philippines and its collaboration with various industry experts, Bakers Maison Philippines will deliver exceptional consumer value through its delectable breads and pastries inspired not just by traditional and authentic French recipes, but a fusion of flavours from all over the world.

‘Taste the World’
Bakers Maison also offers a wide and innovative array of baked goods that come in various tastes and textures. It has created an exciting collection that features breads and flavours from all over the globe.
A Taste from France: Bakers Maison artisan breads have a crusty texture and dense moist center, made according to authentic French recipes like Baguette Parisienne and Sourdough de Maison
A Taste from Austria: Indulge with Bakers Maison’s Viennoiserie creations that have selected premium quality ingredients from its Butter Croissants with layers of rich butter from New Zealand rolled into a masterpiece that is flavorful, light, and flaky, Cheese Royale Croissant with authentic cheese, Peach Custard Danish with classic blend of peaches and creamy custard and Pain Au Chocolat, Bakers Maison’s signature pastry filled with exquisite Belgian chocolate and topped with chocolate ganache.

Rainfall Information for School Empowerment on Disaster Risk Reduction

An important gathering well attended by students, teachers and guests, held at Taguig Science High School, that tackled rainfall information on how to empower school on disaster risk reduction management (DRRM) and the programs and services of DOST for DRRM. The speakers were well trained and experience in their field of expertise which  they passionately shared in this event. congratulations for this another successful endeavor of DOST.

Pictures in action of the event
Hosted by Mr. Tony Tuazon of DOST

Opening remarks by Mr. Nelson Quintong- Taguig Science HS Principal

Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Six facts about the world’s first Dengue vaccine, Dengvaxia

The first known epidemic of dengue hemorrhagic fever was recorded in Manila in 1953. Since then, dengue has become a year-round threat in the Philippines.

This mosquito-borne disease reported an average of 220 cases daily in 2015, half of this came from Region 3, Region 4 and the National Capital Region. Millions worldwide have died because there was no specific anti-viral treatment that exists. Instead, preventive measures are imposed to the public through maintaining cleanliness in one’s surroundings: proper waste disposal, removing artificial man-made mosquito habitats, covering and cleaning domestic water storage containers and using personal and household protection.

Through years of research, the world’s first dengue vaccine has been developed to help control this infectious disease. Here are some facts from a roundtable discussion I have recently attended, shared by Dr. Alain Bouckenooghe (head of Research and Development, Sanofi Pasteur) and Dr. Joshua Nealon (head of epidemiology for Asia Pacific, Sanofi Pasteur).

Friday, December 9, 2016

The YEC Ultimate Christmas Blow-out 2016!

  In 1987 Yamaha introduced the first digital audio mixing console model Yamaha DMP7. Since then, the brand has set the standards in efficient workflow, reliability and sound quality of digital mixing consoles used from the largest tours to the smallest events.
In celebration of its 29 years of Digital Mixing Innovation and in collaboration with the YEC Ultimate Christmas Blow-out 2016 from December 1-31,

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Herbalife Philippines Celebrates 22nd Anniversary with Fun Run, Nutrition Day!

Herbalife Philippines Celebrates 22nd
Herbalife Philippines has reached another milestone as it celebrates its 22nd year of providing good nutrition in the Philippines.
To mark this event, the company held an Anniversary Fun Run at the Bonifacio Global City last December 4, Sunday.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Lazada Philippines Wraps Up Online Revolution with a 6-day Grand Christmas Sale

The country’s largest online one-stop shopping and selling destination, Lazada Philippines, is set to culminate its Online Revolution campaign with a bang with its Grand Christmas Sale, which is slated to happen this December 7-12.

With the success of the ongoing and highly in-demand Lazada Online Revolution, the company continues to offer its customers the best holiday shopping experience as it reveals further markdowns, the hottest deals and crazy discounts in its 6-day Grand Christmas Sale finale.

Don’t miss this mega-sale event of the year where you are in for an even sweeter holiday treat on amazing deals for Tech, Fashion, Home & Living, Health & Beauty, Travel, Toys & Babies and more.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

COLOR MANILA the country’s most aggressive ‘concept fun-run

 COLOR MANILA the country’s most aggressive ‘concept fun-run’ organizer, just capped 2016 with the COLOR MANILA Blacklight Run held at CSI The City Mall Dagupan City, Pangasinan, last December 10, 2016. More than a thousand participants participated in the night run which was also made possible in cooperation with - CSI The City Mall.


In our haste to come up with the best Christmas gift this season, we tend to forget that every person’s well-being will always be on top of the list, thus, a gift of wellness is something that will be well-received.
Around the globe, holidays means parties everywhere which also equates to frequent sleep deprivation not to mention increased alcohol intake for some and the bad effects of second hand smoke for others. All these factors contribute to lower immune system and this might not be a good match for the holidays.
Bewell-C has got your back covered as it contains all the vitamin C your body needs minus the acidity.  Bewell-C is a non-acidic vitamin C supplement that boosts the immune system to fight against various health conditions.
Great for kids Bewell-C is made of encapsulated powder which can be extracted and mixed with juices. Most parents nowadays do this, especially in the event that their kids are suffering from weak immune system. Sodium ascorbate is effective in alleviating coughs and colds in children and can be given 3x a day as opposed to the acidity of a regular vitamin C.

TRIPLE K - The show features Review, Travel, Culture, History, Flavors and Versions of Food At CHANNEL HUE!

Channel Hue is very proud of how far it has already come, the family it has created and the goals it has laid in place. Let's look at what channel Hue is:
hannel Hue is a new, one-of-a-kind cable station in the Philippines which by utilizing both local and international talents aims to be the best. International Standards meet the local market in a way never seen before.

Fashion exposure, lifestyle insight, drama indulgence all encompass the channel as does the passion, talent and raw vision behind the Channel Hue Creative team.

Family Values. Channel Hue's mission is not just to create international quality television, but to become a leader in cable television and in the arts community. It is our mission to create partnerships which not only engage and foster the community and local talent but create an environment where real art thrives. We aim to see every color.

TRIPLE K - The show features Review, Travel, Culture, History, Flavors and Versions of Food.

For each season we will be featuring at least two ( 2 ) Cities/ Provinces Streets, Restaurants, and kitchens.


      1. KALYE - STREET SMARTS - Segment host ( Peru Morena ) will go around the streets of the featured Cities/ Provinces, to discover and feature food found on ambulant vendors.
        2. KUSINA - KITCHENATICS - Main host  ( Prince De GURMAN ) with REYNA NG KUSINA ( TITA Bernie ROJAS - Fontanilla ) Stays at the Kitchen of the featured Restaurant/s specialty of the house and talks
about the history and culture of the food.
         3. KULINARYA - CULINARY VERSIONS / CHALLENGE - Segment host ( Drew Buenviaje ) along with the TIKEMEY DIVAS will challenge a karinderia owners / Culinary Institution / Culinary Student / Celebrity to do a version of the feature Street food to gourmet or their own versions ( judge/crit

If you have any questions and clarifications you may contact 09167055228 / 09151033730 / 09396103981 or email or

Friday, December 2, 2016

Total Lifestyle Transformation in Elken Way, now in the Philippines

It has been a year since the arrival of the newest leading Malaysian direct selling company Elken in the Philippines. Since then, it has continuously rolled out its goal - to provide world-class quality products with holistic approach in health, beauty, well-being, and business opportunities not just for Asian country citizens but now specifically to all Filipinos.
“We want to let Filipinos know that we are here to unify them in our common cause to enrich lives together by making a positive difference in people’s lives through the wonders of Elken products. We are looking after the stories on how Elken products change people’s lives,” said David Wong, General Manager of Elken International Philippines, Co. Ltd., during their maiden bloggers conference last November 29.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Ako Para sa Bata International Conference Theme: Stressed? Coping, Recovery, and Healing

Child Protection Network Foundation, Inc. (CPN)
  • CPN is composed of professionals and individuals who are dedicated to ensuring that all children in the Philippines and throughout Asia are protected from the many faces of abuse. Doctors, social workers, lawyers, police, and volunteers in the 79 Women and Children Protection Units (WCPUs) across the country work hand in hand towards this goal.
  • Vision: All children in the Philippines and throughout Asia are protected from abuse and neglect.
  • Mission: The Asian Center for Child Protection in collaboration with all Child Protection Units shall serve every abused child with compassion and competence ensuring that all abused children and children at risk are safe, healthy, and developing to the best of their potential within a nurturing family environment.

PhilBike Expo 2016 Wraps with Incredible Finish

November 28, 2016 (MANILA, Philippines) – The PhilBike Expo, the only international-standard trade and consumer cycling show in the Philippines, closed its three-day weekend with an incredible demo from international powerhouses, Kenny Belaey, The Super Kids, and Viki Gómez held last November 25-27, 2016 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

OFW & SME Business Christmas Expo set on December at SM Cebu and Megatrade Hall!

Small and Medium Enterprises compose a large part of the economy – home-based and community livelihood enterprises are also part of this segment. From delicious food items to beautiful and elegant decorations, it is a no-brainer that these business thrive through the support of the consumers whom its products are reaching out to. The thing is, most of them are not that easily noticed by the mainstream market.

HPE Aruba Drives IoT Adoption with Innovations in Connectivity and Device Visibility

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, announced continued innovation at the network edge. The introduction of new security solutions, ecosystem partnerships, and wired infrastructure products is designed to accelerate the move to the digital workspace, while addressing the security concerns associated with the adoption of IoT initiatives.

The explosion of IoT devices connecting to enterprise networks is making it critical to identify, connect, and protect all unknown mobile and IoT devices at the edge via enhanced security and threat remediation technology. The new Aruba ClearPass Universal Profiler and Aruba ClearPass Exchange partnerships, along with the 2540 Switch Series, are key components of HPE’s broader IoT strategy that was unveiled this week at the HPE Discover Conference.

According to Gartner, “6.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide in 2016, up 30% from 2015, and will reach 20.8 billion by 2020.”1Additionally, “By 2020, Gartner is projecting more than 300 million building automation devices and more than 400 million devices for energy management in buildings.”2

Key findings within a November 4, 2016 Gartner research report, Real Time Discovery, Visibility and Control are Critical for IoT Security, stated that “Lack of network and device visibility is a top concern of security and risk management leaders, both in consumer and industrial IoT verticals, as they don't know what assets they have and if protection is required. Discovery is a prerequisite to IoT security.” Also in the report, Gartner recommended that IT teams “Determine which discovery and visibility business benefits — such as reducing costs/risks, enabling postbreach response and recovery, enabling asset discovery, being more ready for regulations and audits, and complementing BYOD security initiatives — are most compelling before architecting use cases.”3

IoT-Ready: ClearPass Universal Profiler
To address these challenges, Aruba has developed a strategy to meet enterprise requirements for identifying, connecting, and protecting all mobile and IoT devices at the edge. With new software and hardware solutions, as well as new ecosystem partners, Aruba can now accelerate an organization’s move to IoT adoption in smart buildings across verticals.

The new Aruba ClearPass Universal Profiler automatically discovers and fingerprints all IP-enabled managed, unmanaged, and IoT devices on multi-vendor wired and wireless networks. This gives IT organizations the ability to see clearly how many devices in total and per category are connected at any one time. IT departments no longer have to guess or use disparate tools to see what devices are connecting to their networks. Comprehensive information about device type, operating system, status, and location are displayed in an easy-to-read graphical user interface. This information can then be used for performance and security tuning across infrastructure components, and then shared with ClearPass Exchange partners to deliver user behavior analytics, deception intelligence, and firewall security.

For organizations that then require policy management, there’s a simple migration path to the Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager to enable automatic authentication and policy enforcement after devices are identified and fingerprinted. Devices that are exhibiting unwanted behavior can then be automatically remediated using data from Aruba’s partners to minimize the risk to networks.

Scaling for IoT with Aruba 2540 Switch Series and ArubaOS Enhancements
Aruba also introduced the 2540 Switch Series, along with enhancements to the ArubaOS-Switch operating system, both of which are designed to power and secure the intelligent edge, optimizing for mobile and IoT devices. These enhancements enable unified, role-based access across wireless and wired networks with the ability to identify and assign roles to connected IoT devices in order to prioritize business critical applications and secure the network.

The Aruba layer 3 switches (29xx/3810/5400) are also capable of user-based and port-based wired traffic tunneling to an Aruba Mobility Controller so that policies can be applied, advanced services can be extended, and traffic can be encrypted to secure the LAN, further reducing risk to networks.

To meet the demand for the rapid growth in IoT and connected devices in distributed enterprises, the cost-effective Aruba 2540 Switch Series (as well as the other Aruba switches) support Zero Touch Provisioning and optional cloud-based management to allow enterprises to simplify and slash network deployment and management costs.

New Aruba Ecosystem Partners Help Classify IoT Devices
The Aruba ClearPass Exchange partner ecosystem continues to grow, with new additions, Attivo Networks and Niara, both of which allow IT to identify IoT devices that demonstrate unwanted or suspicious behavior.

Attivo Networks is an award-winning provider of deception-based technologies for in-network threat detection, attack forensic analysis, and continuous threat response. The Attivo Networks ThreatMatrix Deception and Response Platform deceives attackers into engaging by turning the network into a trap with decoys and deception lures. Attackers who have circumvented prevention security systems, then reveal themselves and can be blocked and quarantined. The Attivo platform works with Aruba ClearPass to establish policies that automatically disable devices that are experiencing attacks from internal or external threat actors.

Niara is an innovator and recognized leader in the emerging user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) market. The Niara Behavioral Analytics platform detects security threats on the inside such as compromised users, hosts and devices, negligent employees, and malicious insiders. Niara leverages Aruba ClearPass to identify and profile users, and IoT and IP-enabled devices, in order to detect attacks based on changes in normal traffic and IT activity, and to take action to remove the unauthorized devices or users from the network.

ClearPass Exchange ecosystem partners also provide user behavior analytics, deception intelligence, firewalls, mobile device management, enterprise mobility management, and solutions for managing security, user identities and network access events. They leverage ClearPass REST-based APIs, Syslog messaging, and a ClearPass Extensions capability to deliver end-to-end threat remediation and endpoint correction

Friday, November 18, 2016

NOVUHAIR HEAD BAGS AGORA AWARD President and CEO Wins in the Individual Category of the 37th Agora Awards4i

 Quezon City, Philippines – Nutramedica, Inc. President and CEO Sheila Mae Velilla bagged the Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship – Medium Scale at the recently concluded 37th Agora Awards.  Nutramedica is a homegrown 100% wholly-owned Filipino enterprise that manufactures and distributes Novuhair, an acclaimed line of products that addresses hair loss.
 Held last October 26 at PICC, CCP Complex, the Agora Awards recognizes individuals and organizations for exceptional marketing skills and strategies.  It is touted to be the premier marketing awards body in the country and sets the high standards of excellence in the industry.


PhilBike Expo Marks 3 Years of Pure Appreciation of Cycling

 The PhilBike Expo, the only international-standard trade and consumer cycling show in the Philippines, returns for its third annual convention this November. The event kicks off on Nov. 25 and allows cycling enthusiasts access to the most diverse range of local and international products and demonstrations.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

2nd Rawr Awards Dec 2016 at the Marco Polo Hotel!

2nd Rawr Awards Dec 2016 at the Marco Polo Hotel!

​To give recognition to the best of the best in the entertainment industry from the bloggers and fans, here’s the first event   from RAWR awards presented by TAG Media and Public Relations and LionhearTV.

  Joining forces for the first time, these two companies will launch the 2nd year of RAWR awards on Dec. 15, 2016 at Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas, Pasig.

You can vote now! Check the influencers and entertainers here who caught the attention of the fans. #TAGmedia #LionHearTV
For sponsorship,

Travel Spread, Travelling the Philippines One Page at A Time

We Filipinos love to travel, one reason why were all over the world. we like to see what is there to see, not just for business or work purposes but for pleasure too. we like to explore. Good thing, technology has opened up new ways for us to travel. This generation has tapped social media, websites, apps, and live events to learn more about previously unknown local destinations, each holding great promise of dreamlike tropical landscapes and rich cultures. It’s an exciting time for travel in our own backyard. Beyond the gloss of posting photos on our feeds and sharing travel itineraries is an enthusiasm to see more of what the country has to offer - sights, food, history, and culture.

 In this spirit, the team behind Explore Philippines presents a quarterly ode to our islands. Explore Philippines Magazine welcomes a new era of print with a deeper look into developing travel trends and the inspiring people leading the way, and fresh eyes on hidden gems and forgotten communities. The high quality 160-page collectible issues are thoughtfully designed and aim to spur ideas and conversations about enhancing the way we explore, sustainability for our islands, and the future of local travel.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

42nd Senior Transport Officials Meeting

The Philippines, through the Department of Transportation (DOTr), will host the 42nd Senior Transport Officials Meeting (42nd STOM) and the 22nd ASEAN Transport Ministers Meeting (22nd ATM).

The high-level meetings to be held at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Manila from November 14 – 18, 2016 will gather transportation officials from the 10 ASEAN Member States. More than 200 transport officials and delegates will convene to discuss various transport initiatives and policies that will improve connectivity and enhance cooperation in the region.

The STOM leaders, working under the direction of the ASEAN Transport Ministers (ATM), are expected to review the implementation and establishment of transport agreements as set by the ATM. Among the projects to be discussed is the Kuala Lumpur Transport Strategic Plan (KLTSP), which is the transport vision and blueprint for 2016 – 2025. The KLTSP, an important pillar of the ASEAN Economic Integration, aims to make the ASEAN community more integrated, competitive, and resilient.

Monday, November 14, 2016


“Open your eyes for the Blind”
Ever wonder what it would be like to be blind? Get a chance to open your eyes with their “dark” condition at a special dinner event called “Dinner in the Dark” by Zoomanity Group. This great cause will give you a unique experience of dining in total darkness and understand how it is to be blind.
Zoomanity Group, one of the leading companies in the park industry, will host series of “Dinner in the Dark” for the benefit of the Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines. This exceptional event will create awareness amongst us what it is like to lose our sense of sight and appreciate it even more. Guests will have a 30 minute orientation before the dinner which will be held in different Zoomanity parks and restaurant. During the dinner, the participants’ sense of sight will be totally diminished then their other senses will take over and will be heightened. Wonderful scents and sounds, and beautiful music, will be expected as well.

Filipino Language Now Available on Microsoft Translator

Leading the efforts to support and increase the reach of communication globally and locally, Microsoft Translator announces the addition of Filipino together with five other Austronesian languages, including Malagasy, Fijian, Samoan, Tahitian and Tongan. These new languages mark the addition to over 50 languages already available in the translation tool.

Being able to improve communications that traverses a breadth of geography is important when supporting communications between peoples, business and governments and to bring people of different cultures closer together.

With Filipinos around the globe speaking the language and more nationalities coming to the Philippines wanting to learn, these additional languages on Microsoft Translator will help users communicate better across different types of platforms.

Translator, whenever and wherever

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The TravelBookPh 1st Get Together @ The Legend Villas!

I always see and admire this place called the Legend Villas, whenever i passed through Pioneer, St. in Mandaluyong. I've always wanted to go and see what's inside. A beautiful and old structured house, museum or restaurant in the middle of modern high rises building in the city. Or so I taught. I wouldn’t know that its not just a restaurant, but a hotel after i got invited by Travelbookph, and grabbed the opportunity to finally get the chance see it. And a three star hotel, to my surprise And was really glad that ive attended this event! 

   A seminar and networking session was held at one of its nice function room. We get to know know the bloggers present and the company TravelbookPh and The Legend Villas itself. There were games and raffles too. Everyone was so engaged and happy with the program prepared for us.

After these, we tour the whole hotel, its rooms, facilities, etc. They have choices for every needs and occasions for family, friends, groups, name it. for a memorable stay. Not to mention all other services and their friendly crews, you would really feel at home in here. Go ahead, experience it yourselves.

Then we were all treated to a sumptuous lunch at Lola Maria’s Restaurant, to our heart's delight. It was an experience all worth remembering and wanting to come back for more!

Thanks indeed to The Legend Villas and The TravelBookPh for this wonderful experience. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Enduring Identity by Carlomar Arcangel Daoana

For years, Salvador Ching has been evolving his version of the vernacular self—men and women in a traditional garbs but enclosed in a flurry of expressionistic colors, at home in tradition and modernity, in the constancy of geography and in the flux of history. They are, of course, nothing but Filipinos, which, for the artist, can be evoked through distinct and recognizable patterns and motifs. That he would choose serigraphy as an important process in his art practice makes evident that these enduring symbols must be repeated, perpetuated and asserted, as veritable extensions and continuations of our heritage.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Economic Citizenship and Global Residency Conference Manila

This exclusive symposium is by-invitation only for Immigration Professionals, Outbound Immigration Consultants, Immigration Lawyers, Private Bankers, Wealth Management Executives, Investment Professionals and Luxury Real Estate Brokers.

A Spook-Tacular Treat: Makati closed off Paseo de Roxas for another culinary Street Meet!

MANILA – Last October 23, 2016, Makati closed off Paseo de Roxas as it hosted its second culinary Street Meet.

Makati once again presented its distinct city vibe by transforming the most iconic business district into a spook-tacular space that brought an array of gastronomic delights, a fun fair for kids, and great entertainment for all.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Lazada launches 11.11 with more than 1M deals!

Top brands and amazing deals for your Christmas shopping

November 3, 2016, Taguig City, Philippines – The biggest online shopping event in Southeast Asia kicks off on November 11, 2016 with the participation of more than 12,500 local and international brands and 6,000 merchants. This month-long shopping event is Lazada’s fifth Online Revolution since its launch in 2012.

This year’s theme is ‘Brands for All,’ putting customers’ favorite brands in the spotlight. Customers can expect jaw-dropping, well-curated offers, and exclusive launches of branded items.

These deals come on top of the wide and growing assortment on Lazada. To date, Lazada boasts an unmatched catalog of close to 30 million products for consumers across six Southeast Asian countries. In the Philippines, the assortment grew 4x more than in 2015.

Friday, November 4, 2016


Shop the best products from around the country and learn business ideas at the 2016 Kabuhayan National Livelihood and Travel Expothis November 10-13, 2016 at the Megatrade Hall of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City.

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Our theme this year is Ramping Up Towards Philippines 2040. This year’s theme is based on the long-term vision launched by the National Economic and Development Authority in March 2016 which highlights the aspirations and dreams of Filipinos for a better life.

10th Manila Auto Salon Back-to-Back with the 22nd Sport Truck Show

The 10th Manila Auto Salon is the largest automotive aftermarket show in the Philippines happening at the SMX Convention Center located at Seashell Lane., SM Mall of Asia (MOA) Complex, Pasay City, from November 3 to 6, 2016, back-to-back with the 22nd Sport Truck Show.
The event is an annual gathering of the best manufacturers, distributors, and dealers from the automotive aftermarket industry. It’s a place where you’ll see the best custom cars and sport trucks in the country.

Get your hands on the latest in aftermarket parts and accessories. Be inspired by the plethora of custom cars and sport trucks. From accessorizing and styling to full-on restorations, you’ll surely find something suited to your taste at the Manila Auto Salon.

Manila Auto Salon is highly influential in bridging the gap between modifiers and non-modifiers through its vast display of accessorized vehicles making it visually appealing for the latter in helping them decide to customize their vehicles. The show keeps them in tune with industry trends. This individualized preference for accessorizing, restyling and restoring vehicles from multiple market segments is what will sustain the aftermarket industry and Manila Auto Salon is the best venue to see the most provocative trendsetters in the field. At the show, trade and retail booths by leading aftermarket suppliers make available for sale a wide range of aftermarket products from comfort , utility and functional accessories to aesthetic enhancing accessories.

Tickets are available at SM Tickets for only P100 for a 1-day pass.

Check out their Facebook page for the latest updates and information about Manila Auto Salon.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Streetwise Burdado Run: 1st Philippine Tattoo Community Color Run on Nov. 13 @Baywalk Malate!

People from all walks of life are urged to join the first-ever for-a-cause event dubbed as the “Streetwise Burdado (Color) Run 2016” which will be held at Baywalk, Roxas Boulevard, Ermita-Malate, Manila, (across Rajah Sulayman Park). The said activity was mounted for the Philippine Tattoo Community, which aim to promote the art tattoo industry in the country and eradicate the negative image of tattooed Pinoys. 
Streetwise Events Management and Public Relations invites you to join this fun and healthy activities on November 13, 2016 4:00 AM, at Baywalk, Roxas Boulevard, Malate, Manila. Harap po ng Rajah Sulayman Park, Malate Church.


We may not be aware that we are unknowingly putting harmful chemicals on our hair thus resulting to general conditions such as migraine, nausea and skin rashes. The symptoms may be quickly attributed to stress but if you look closer to that hair product you’re using, you’ll be surprise to find the culprit.Popularity does not equate to safety, some popular brands sold in the market are loaded with mildly toxic chemicals that may be harmful in prolonged use.
Novuhair, Nature’s answer to hair loss, gives you the lowdown on these chemicals to help you with your choices.

Myth: Shampoo must produce lots of lather in order to properly clean your hair.
Truth: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a compound that helps shampoo and other cleaning product in producing foam and bubbles. Though it may effectively remove hair build-up, it can also strip off essential oils that is needed to keep your hair healthy.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Asia Travel & Tour Expo Digital Tourism 2016!

Inviting you to attend the first conference and expo about Digital 
Tourism with speakers to do workshops and exhibitors to sell and promote 
their products and services. Exhibitors Kit attached.

December 6, 2016 at   Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigaas, Pasig

Sunday, October 30, 2016

TLC Festival 2016 Brings the World to the Philippines!

 Southeast Asia’s leading travel and lifestyle channel is bringing back the much-anticipated TLC Festival to the Philippines on Saturday, November 5! Attended by thousands of Filipino fans in 2015, this year’s TLC Festival boasts an exciting Global Village, where TLC will bring the world to you.

Science Film Festival 2016!

The Science Film Festival is a celebration of science communication and enjoys a unique position in Southeast Asia, North Africa and the Middle East: In cooperation with local partners it promotes science literacy and facilitates awareness of contemporary scientific, technological and environmental issues through film and television content with accompanying educational activities. The festival presents scientific issues accessibly and entertainingly to a broad audience and demonstrates that science can be communicated in an educational, as well as entertaining manner. The event has grown considerably since its first edition in 2005, becoming the largest event of its kind and one of the biggest film festivals worldwide in terms of audience reach.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Get Excited As SIX CHRISTMAS VILLAGES Come Alive at Makati’s Biggest, Hippest Holiday Bazaar at Circuit!

If you think Christmas bazaars are all the same, then you’re definitely in for a merry surprise as Circuit Makati the go-to event destination for everyone holds the biggest and hippest outdoor bazaar on November 18-20, 2016.

Inspired by Christmas markets from around the globe, the Circuit Makati Christmas Bazaar will feature six Christmas villages bursting with over 500 merchants offering the best holiday finds--gift items, clothes, accessories, knick knacks, electronics, toys, and food.

As if this were not enough, Ayala Land has upped the ante by lining up exciting fun-filled activities and great entertainment for every member of the family.