Thursday, June 4, 2015

Matchimi to help thousands of contract job seekers clinch jobs in the Philippines

PHILIPPINES, - Matchimi launches casual job search mobile application in Makati City, Philippines early June on both iOS and Android.

Piloting in Makati City in early April 2015, Matchimi has reached out to hundreds of part-timers since. “Matchimi not only made finding a job easy, but it also made finding the best job possible for me” as 19 year old undergraduate, Camille de Pedro puts it.

With a convenient geo-location job discovery feature, Matchimi will benefit job seekers with:

·       Higher employment success rates through eliminating irrelevant and overqualified jobs
·       Maintaining competitive remunerations for the part-timers in both salaries and incentives that companies provide
·       Raising visibility of jobs through consolidating jobs nearby in a map and increasing the ease of location based job searches
·       Boosting part-timers’ productivity in maximizing their effective employment hours, whilst reducing search time and travelling time

Through eliminating irrelevant jobs, the Matchimi mobile application increases a part-timer’s chances of clinching a job through matching them to jobs that they qualify for.

With the development team based out of Philippines, Chief Technology Officer Beejay Urzo is confident that Matchimi will serve the job-seekers of Makati City well. “Matchimi will save job-seekers a lot of time, energy and money. Instead of going out and visiting companies to apply, you can apply from anywhere comfortably.”

By expanding its capabilities to serve large organizations with its Enterprise System, Matchimi has earned the trust of over a hundred companies providing a constant stream of job vacancies and have made thousands of job matches till date globally. As testament, within the span of a couple of weeks of May, Matchimi’s partner employers in Philippines have grown to more than 25, including a global coffee chain and a prestigious medical centre amongst others.

Matchimi’s goal is to serve the local Philippine community and plans to have more than 10 thousand jobs from Makati/Manila available on its platform in the next few months. Matchimi invites all employers to come onboard and experience the effective transformation of recruitment through Matchimi.

The launch event is set at 2 June 2015 at A Space Manila. Interested companies and part-timers can sign up at by 30 May 2015.

About Matchimi

Matchimi was birthed from the obsession to drive up the national supply of part time hours worked and to improve the experience of the part timer and the hiring company in the part time labour sector. There are available part-time labour hours not being fully tapped on due to asymmetric information of part-time vacancies and a misallocation of part-timers.

Matchimi was created address these inefficiencies. Built on a unique matching algorithm, we match qualified part-timers to relevant part-time jobs. Through increasing the success rate of recruitment by companies, we boost part-timers’ productivity in maximizing their available hours.

You can download the Matchimi app here:

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