Friday, October 17, 2014


What is the future of your brain? Will technology help?

   You may be surprised at how quickly the future is coming, in brain science and in wearable computers. Imagine a time when you can send a text message to someone just by thinking their name, or know when you will get a headache or fall asleep or have a seizure – an hour ahead of time, when you can decode what a baby is saying or thinking by listening with special headphones, when a doctor can log in to your mind and diagnose a problem or an injury, when a person’s guilt or innocence can be quantified scientifically, when a company can know precisely what its customers want – even before they do, when you can think a question and have Google answer it – directly into your mind! This Executive Talks will show that this time is coming, in the living future, and for this we can thank innovations in technology and in neuroscience.

Technology will unlock the power of the brain – to make the sick healthy, and the healthy superhuman.

About the Speaker
Dr. Sahin is a neuroscientist and neurotechnology entrepreneur. He holds degrees in neuroscience from Williams College (BA), MIT (Master’s), and Harvard (PhD). He worked at Bell Labs and in startups and a mid-sized company, in Boston, San Diego, London and Dublin; and has been the Principal Investigator for three military contracts/projects for wearable brain monitoring systems to assess and modulate cognitive states. Dr. Sahin founded Brain Power, LLC in October 2013, and the company’s focus is on transforming Google Glass into a device and service to assess the key symptoms of Autism in children, and to coach the children and families in overcoming the accompanying challenges. The approach is both neural and behavioral/educational. Together with his growing team, he has actively participated in coding software for Glass as well as designing and producing hardware add-ons for Glass, all toward a goal of unlocking the power of this nascent wearable platform to use it as a neuro-assistive device that in turn can unlock the power of the brain.

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