Sunday, September 7, 2014

SOFTCON2014: Break The Silence OfTthe LAMBs

What's in store for you?
Here are some SOFTCON 2014 themes you probably don't want to miss!

Lean Innovation - Successful companies consistently deliver new products and services that gain market traction within a short period of time. They have their share of failures, they also experience more successes than their competitors.

AGILE KANBAN: Why It Works - Learn from the experiences of a master AGILE practitioner who has tried all of the approaches, and understand why Kanban works and does not work in certain cases.

Monetizing Mobile Apps for Business - While initially focused on consumer-oriented content, software developers are now turning their attention to business-oriented mobile applications. The reason is simple: there is a lot of money to be made in mobile applications for business!

Serving Your Software Story with Sizzle - When was the last time you witnessed a truly memorable software business presentation? Can't remember, right? Learn how you can make compelling presentations that your audience will remember through corporate storytelling. All this, from the man who literally wrote the book on this subject!

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