Sunday, February 16, 2014

“A Conference-Festival Summit on ‘Maharlika’ to gather together diverse “Maharlika”-based groups in the country and abroad”

   Change is progressive. We cannot deny the fact that today, our nation needs total change and transformation. There is crisis in every aspect of life. Most of our countrymen have been deprived of their basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, and medicine. How much more on the human rights, employment, social standing, economics, education, etc. to name a few. To one long forgotten aspect is the enrichment of our culture heritage and the right access to the origin of our country's name.
 If we get back to our roots, there is a connecting link from the past that must be patched up to resolve the mystery that has remained—a question of our own identity.
Where do we start? We begin from the consciousness that has been stuck up and has to awaken.
With a growing number of individuals, groups, and organizations working for the “Maharlika” cause and ideals, there is a growing need to raise the level of Maharlika discourse to a national and regional level – establishing its philosophical foundations, defining its shared meanings, and articulating its shared ideals, goals, and vision. Hence, there is a need to establish its academic discourse, looking at it from many angles : semantically, metaphorically, symbolically, politically, sociologically, economically, anthropologically, historically, and even from the perspective of the arts, culture and the humanities, specially its mythical dimensions. For Maharlika Summit 2014, the main goal is to examine the word, concept and metaphor of “maharlika”, and to revision it as a cultural metaphor, folk history, and social movement, for applied and policy research, and for its possible contribution in social, cultural and human development and national transformation.
There is a need to gather together diverse “Maharlika”-based groups in the country (or even abroad), on account of their growth in numbers, expansion of consciousness, intensification of desire, and deepening of intensions, in their quest for the Maharlikan ideals of personal and social transformation, as well as national identity, development and harmony.

•  Academic conference : panel discussions (morning session)
•  Case studies presentations by selected individuals, groups, organizations (afternoon session)
•  Participatory sharing of visions, missions, objectives, approaches, strategies, and experiences by various groups in line with their Maharlika endeavor , and in the process, directly or indirectly presenting the meaning and significance of “Maharlika” for each one of them (workshop, afternoon session)
•  WORKSHOP : personal and group meanings for “Maharlika”
•  Declaration of Intent / Oath-Taking (plenary)
•  FESTIVAL: Presentations, performances, exhibits and contests showcasing indigenous, folk, and innovative artistic and cultural works in line with the Maharlikan vision, ideals, and quest (photo exhibit and cultural festival : evening session)

VIPLAVA performing in this historical event. The quest for national renewal and development through the emergence of our true national identity. RISE MAHARLIKA RISE!!!

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM for the Conference Part, on February 22, 2014. Then from 7:00 PM till about 11:00 PM, for the Festival Part, on the same date of February 22, 2014. Venue is at the Auditorium of the GT-Toyota, Hall of Wisdom, Asian Center, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

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