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MANIPULATION! – Persuasion, Influence and Sales


The Philippine's leading authority on Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis presents you with this GROUND BREAKING WORKSHOP
MANIPULATION! – Persuasion, Influence and Sales

(How to “Manipulate” people into doing what you want them to do)
Trance Manila will be giving out it's DEEPEST WELL GUARDED SECRETS wherein you can have the ability to SELLwhatever, where ever, and to who ever you want, Influence people and Persuade them into your own liking. Now would that be useful to you?

Using the principles of Hypnosis and NLP applied in the sales and applied in the Filipino setting you will have the ability to instantly connect with any type of people, know how they see the world and talk to them in the language that they can understand thus having the key to their minds.

Just to tickle your curiosity, This workshop moves you to have the freedom and capability to choose who ever want to influence, The satisfaction to sell anything wherein you can earn and save your huge amount of profit for your comfort and your family. This let's you have the ability to instantly connect and socialize with people that makes you have the ability and the peace of mind to form long lasting stable relationships and all of it let's you have the fulfillment in every aspect of your life that you had been wanting.

It would be a Three Part Workshop happening every Sunday from January 12 till January 26, 2014. Tackling Different topics and having the diversity from different mentors.

First part (January 12, 2014)

Killer Skills
By: Ken John Cesar Somera Azcueta How to be an effective Public Speaker
- Making A Killer Presentation
- How to make a very effective Personalized Powerpoint Presentation
- How certain skills affect people in terms giving you authority
- How to Create Impact with a handshake
- Leadership Simplified, How to be one without overthinking things
- Different Words Different Meaning - How to make a name for yourself
- How to market with technology
- Attaining Power
- Persuasion/Influence/Manipulation

(Ken Somera is a Life Coach, A Trainer for more than 4 years, Founder of Team UP international, Owner of KLR Training Services)

Second Part ( January 19, 2014)
Limitless Influence
By Dr. Strix Toledo

-How to read people are really saying thru their body language
-How to know if someone is lying
-How to influence people non-verbally
-How to win every argument/debate
-How to influence people and convince them into doing the things that they need the most
-Plus much more

(Dr. Strix Toledo is a Certified Master NLP practitioner, He had been doing NLP for more than 16 years and very well versed in doing conversasional hypnosis)

Third Part (January 26, 2014)
Hypnotic Influence
By Jason Principe

-How to apply the principles of NLP/Hypnosis in Sales, Influence and Manipulation in the PHILIPPINE SETTING
-How to know how they think and make decisions and how to use it to your advantage
-How to step into their world and mind and speak their language
-How to know what they value and how to design your product to make it a NEED for them to buy
-How to SMOOTHLY and Covertly influence people without them even knowing what you did
-Plus a lot of ADVANCE patterns/principles that you wouldn’t find in normal NLP books/seminars so it is preferrable for you to have the foundations by attending the other workshops to get the full benefit of it.

(Brief Background: Jason Principe is the Founder of Trance Manila, He is one of the First Certified Hypnotherapist in the Philippines and also a Certified NLP practioner.)

What: MANIPULATION! – Persuasion, Influence and Sales
When: January 12, 19 and 26, 2014
Where: Aica Pasig City. Skyway Twin towers, captain Henry Javier Street, Pasig City


P2,500 per workshop or take the full course and get it only for P4,500

RESERVE A SEAT NOW, just message me.
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