Sunday, January 12, 2014

Filmmaking Workshop At The Film Gym!

The Film Gym's first film workshop for 2014...

Creative Filmmaking Workshop 2014: January 18,19,25,26, Feb 1,2,8,9 (1-7pm). Workshop facilitator is Surf Reyes, founding director of The Film Gym. This workshop focuses on CREATIVITY in filmmaking. It is useless to learn filmmaking, or anything at all, if one does not learn to use it creatively. 75% off of regular fee for first 10 registrants, register now at

"Surf Reyes is a pioneer mentor to quite a number of the prominent independent and also mainstream directors today. He has always put focus on the most significant aspect of filmmaking which is cinema as visual language." -Raymond Red, Director/DP

"Aspiring filmmakers, join this class with one of my favorite mentors, Surf Reyes. Highly-recommended. I've learned more from the eight days with him than six months of film school..." -Ian del Carmen, Indie filmmaker/producer

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