Thursday, January 30, 2014

Director’s Club Cinema and IMAX Theatre Open at SM Megamall’s Mega Fashion Hall

SM Cinema, the largest cinema exhibitor in the country to date, unveiled a Director’s Club Cinema and an IMAX Theatre in the newest expansion of SM Megamall in Ortigas—the Mega Fashion Hall—last January 26, 2014. The Mega Fashion Hall—a high-end wing which will house trendy, global brands from food to retail--will make an apt location for Director’s Club Cinema and IMAX Theatre; the two cinemas boast of sophisticated and world-class facility and service.

Director’s Club Cinema is an intimate, deluxe theatre specializing in above par personalized service for every movie-lover. Equipped with superb projection equipment and the latest technology in digital surround sound, Director’s Club Cinema has first rate acoustics and a crystal-clear digital screen. Just like a regular cinema for every movie goer but well-appointed and elegant, Director’s Club Cinema employs comfortable reclining chairs and offers delicious eats to accompany movie-watching served by trained in-house butlers. The concept of Director’s Club Cinema is also being applied in theatres in the United States and such cinema facilities have become a luxe fad for American movie-goers.

While other Director’s Club Cinema branches offer 30-50 seater theatres, the Director’s Club Cinema at SM Megamall will have 56 chairs while maintaining the exclusive, intimate ambiance. This branch of Director’s Club Cinema is also the biggest of its kind in the country.

The IMAX Theatre in SM Megamall, on the other hand, is the eight IMAX theatre to open in the Philippines. Perfectly situated within a bustling business district, the IMAX Theatre in SM Megamall features 472 seats with provisions for PWDs. IMAX is designed to fill one’s field of vision and engulf one in cinematic surround-sound so powerful it is almost tangible. The screen is several times larger than a standard theatre screen and is slightly curved with seats angled, allowing audience to have an unobstructed view of the movie screening.

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Director’s Club Cinema
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SM Cinema is the country’s leading exhibitor—boasting 246 cinemas and 6 IMAX Theatres in 45 branches nationwide. SM Cinema continues to expand and lead the country’s development in cinema technology.
For a more convenient way of watching a movie, experience the newest from SM Cinema—the CINEMOBILE: Your mobile, your movie ticket. With its turnstile system, SM Cinema delivers a more convenient movie-going experience to its patrons.
You may also avail SM Cinema’s e-PLUS (Entertainment, Privileges, Lifestyle, Upgrades and Surprises) card to make your movie-watching more convenient, rewarding and fun. On top of the reward point scheme, e-PLUS is loaded with VIP privileges, special promos such as discounts on select movies, seasonal offers, quarterly raffles and invites to exclusive events. e-PLUS members can also avail of promos and discounts from partner merchants. The e-Plus starter kit comes with your personalized e-Plus card, free movies, snacks and a premium item.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

E-Commerce Entrepreneurs' Summit

February 15, 2014
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City

According to i-Metrics Asia Pacific Corporation, the Philippines’ E-Commerce Intensity Index is at 21% of our country’s gross domestic product. Its E-Commerce Maturity Scorecard also reports 20% of Filipino Internet users purchases are done electronically.

Wazzup Pilipinas Awarded as Most Outstanding Filipino Community Blog Site of 2013

Wazzup Pilipinas wins as Most Outstanding Filipino Community Blog Site of 2013, a national award conferred by the National Customers' Choice Annual Awards for Business Excellence "for its excellence in company reputation, experience, brand integrity, product quality, and trust in customers' service.

 The awarding ceremonies was held at the Armed Forces of the Philippines Commissioned Officers' Club (AFP-COC) Tejeros Hall located inside Camp Aguinaldo Quezon City last Friday, January 23, 2014.

Several companies that were recognized as excelling in their respective businesses from many different categories attended the grand event. Companies responsible for popular brands like Fila, EQ Diapers, and many others. Notable personalities that were also awarded were Vice Mayor of Manila Isko Moreno and Senator Chiz Escudero.

Monday, January 13, 2014

4 LOVE! "DYING FOR LOVE!" 4 Short Plays This February!

MMQ's Theatre Salon--4 Fridays in February 4 LOVE! "DYING FOR LOVE!" 
Free Flowing French Bubbly, canapés, & 4 short plays for ART & CHARITIES' SAKE!!! 
Gonna be SUCH FUN. JOIN US!!! 
+639273839517 or 
MMQ is a multicultural nonprofit ARTS for CHARITY organization

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Filmmaking Workshop At The Film Gym!

The Film Gym's first film workshop for 2014...

Creative Filmmaking Workshop 2014: January 18,19,25,26, Feb 1,2,8,9 (1-7pm). Workshop facilitator is Surf Reyes, founding director of The Film Gym. This workshop focuses on CREATIVITY in filmmaking. It is useless to learn filmmaking, or anything at all, if one does not learn to use it creatively. 75% off of regular fee for first 10 registrants, register now at

"Surf Reyes is a pioneer mentor to quite a number of the prominent independent and also mainstream directors today. He has always put focus on the most significant aspect of filmmaking which is cinema as visual language." -Raymond Red, Director/DP

"Aspiring filmmakers, join this class with one of my favorite mentors, Surf Reyes. Highly-recommended. I've learned more from the eight days with him than six months of film school..." -Ian del Carmen, Indie filmmaker/producer

Visit here:

Saturday, January 11, 2014

This Year's Spring FilmFest 2014 Line-Up

    Now on it's 8th year, this year's Spring Film Festival brought to us by the Ateneo de Manila University Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies and the Ateneo Celadon, is scheduled on January 24 to February 2, 2014 at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall and the other venues.This event is one of the most celebrated festivals in the Chinese-Filipino community that has gone beyond Metro Manila and reached Cebu, Davao, Ilo-Ilo, Cagayan de Oro. This will also be held simultaneously in Naga, Dagupan and Baguio. Admission is free and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Here is the line-up and its synopsis;
Snowfall in Taipei
May, a singer from mainland China, suddenly lost her voice and had conflicts with Ah Lei, her producer and secret lover. In anger, she came to Old Town of Jingtong where she met Xiao Mo, a warmhearted man. Xiao Mo helped May find a dwelling place, and introduced her to work at a local restaurant. Thanks to their constant contacts, they made a good impression with each other. May found happiness and consolation from the old streets of the small town, and her voice was getting better and better. However, May had left her heart at another place. Gradually, Xiao Mo understood that when one deliberately disappears, one wants to be looked for by others. Along with a sudden appearance of Jack, a muckraking journalist, the situation began to develop towards the uncontrolled direction.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Social Media Revolution Workshop: Influencing Blogger To Social Responsiblity

The Social Media Workshop this year was created specifically for Bloggers to empower them to become socially responsible using social media as a tool. We would like to make them more active in writing blogs that would also benefit other people thru their own theme (ex. fashion, lifestyle, travel, film). At the end of this event we would like to think and have a social media campaign using their own theme of blogging to apply/ implement right after the workshop. 
Speakers are : Ms. Janette Toral, Mr. Khoa Bui and Mr. Mark Delgado
Registration fee is Php 200 only!
This Social Media Workshop for Bloggers is an event brought to you by BCYF Technology Institute.
For inquiries and early registration, kindly contact Jojo Armenta at 09154539559. 

UP Film Institute screens selections from FDCP’s Sineng Pambansa All-Masters Festival

      Welcome 2014 with the most distinguished films from the ranks of the country’s master directors as UP Film Institute screens selections from the most recent Sineng Pambansa National Film Festival of the Film Development Council of the Philippines.

    Featured films are Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes’ Sonata; Jose Javier Reyes’ Ano ang Kulay ng mga Nakalimutang Pangarap; Joel Lamangan’s Lihis; Romy Suzara’s Tinik; Chito Roño’s Badil; Gil M. Portes’ Ang Tag-araw ni Twinkle; Maryo J. de los Reyes’ Bamboo Flowers; Elwood Perez’s Otso and Mel Chionglo’s Lauriana.

    Film aficionados hail FDCP’s all-master’s film festival as a national endeavor of unmatched significance. Such is eagerly awaited by the country’s premier state university community. Now is the chance for viewing audiences to catch anew the festival’s official selection altogether.

    The showcase begins with Sonata—Gallaga and Reyes’ paean to bucolic Bacolod and culminates with Mel Chionglo’s Lauriana with its breathtaking cinematography pivotal to the unfolding of a dark tale of forbidden passion witnessed by a town boy during a turbulent era in the country.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program

Sign-up for this program at and a billing will be sent afterwards. (Duration indicated here is only for module 1 as Facebook doesn't allow event duration that is more than 4 months)

Entrepreneurs and marketing practitioners today are recognizing the power and influence of bloggers and social media users to generate awareness, ignite conversation, form movements, and inspire people to action.

However, very few blog and social media marketing entrepreneurs today can help in blog, content creation, and social media management for the long term.

Come up with new and inspiring ideas to push organizations, brands and individuals to use blogs, social media, and tap its potential to reach business objectives and bottom line.

The Ateneo – DigitalFilipino Digital Entrepreneurship Program launched this Blog & Social Media Entrepreneur Course with the aim of creating a movement – to encourage the growth of online entrepreneurship and serve the growing needs of businesses locally and internationally. We combine online course access, hands-on activities, and consultations via webinar.

     This is perfect for out-of-towners and those with unusual schedules who can now learn at any time of day and from anywhere as long as there is Internet access.

Bash victim fears for footy future

A promising young Perth footballer who lost partial sight in one eye after being bashed on Rottnest Island says memories of that night are always in the back of his mind.

Harry McCracken, whose anxiety was such in the aftermath of the attack he had to sleep with the light on for a week, spoke about his ordeal to highlight the consequences of his attackers' actions.

"I want people to understand how serious this can be," he said.

The 18-year-old was on holiday and walking home from popular Pinkies beach with friends last month when they were stopped by a group of men who accused the friends of following them.

"I'd never seen any of them before," Harry told _The Weekend West. _ "They just blocked our path and I remember pretty suddenly one of them attacked (my friend) and that was pretty much the last thing I remember."

Harry had been hit by a vodka bottle, which had fractured his eye socket and canal and caused damage to the optic nerve. He awoke to the frightening realisation he could no longer see clearly out of his right eye.

Sitting in his parents' Scarborough home a month later, Harry recalls "freaking out a bit" at the time.

The keen footballer - he played for Claremont Colts last year, had hoped to be elevated to the Claremont league team this year and potentially turn a good season into an AFL draft - is now waiting to learn how much of his sight will be lost.

For the past month he has suffered from anxiety, bad vision and headaches. He said he worried about how his vision loss would hurt his on-field performance and memories of the attack were in the back of his mind when he went out with friends.

Parents Aaron and Shiralle said it was "sickening" to get the call that their youngest son had been injured.

"It was one of those things you read about that happens to other people," Mr McCracken said. "At the time we didn't realise it was quite as bad as it was."

Mr and Mrs McCracken said they hoped going public with Harry's story could help identify those responsible.

A WA Police spokesman said investigations were continuing and one person had been interviewed.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Live Your Legend Manila Meetup

When We Surround Ourselves with Passionate, Inspiring & Inspired People, Everything Becomes Possible...

On January 7th, 2014 things are going to change in a big way.

Over 180 Live Your Legend LOCAL meetups are happening in 44 countires around the world. All on the same day!

The Event Theme Is: "What Are You Doing that Matters - to You & to the World?"

Our Focus Is Pure & Simple: To help us all find and do work that makes us come ALIVE. And provide a support team to hold us accountable to what matters to us in 2014 and beyond!

Imagine for a minute what could be possible if all of us had a group of people, in our hometown (in the real world!) ready to support and encourage our "crazy" ideas to make a difference in the world.

And imagine if that group met at least every month to discuss and build upon their big ideas.

What would that look like?

IdeaSpace: Technopreneur Bootcamp @ College of St. Benilde

IdeaSpace Foundation, Inc., in partnership with College of St. Benilde and Smart Communications, bring the #Technopreneur Bootcamp @ College of St. Benilde where participants are treated to a morning of technology and business talks from a lineup of industry experts and startup founders followed by an afternoon of relevant creation, brainstorming with help from mentors and a  pitching competition! The top startup ideas will get the chance to win cool prizes too!

NCCA Prepares for a Grand Feast of the Arts at the Philippine Arts Festival 2014 with the theme "Art on the Edge"

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) goes full throttle in the preparation for a grand, national fete of the arts, designed to engage everybody in the edifying and enriching experience that art can bring.

The Philippines celebrates the National Arts Month (NAM) during February since the signing of Presidential Proclamation 683 in 1991. As the country's main agency for the arts and culture, the NCCA, headed by its chairman Felipe de Leon, Jr., leads in celebrating National Arts Month with the Philippine Arts Festival (PAF).

Spearheaded by the NCCA's Subcommission on the Arts, PAF comprises mainly the flagship projects of the seven committees of the subcommission--architecture, cinema, dance, literature, music, theater, and the visual arts. It aims to highlight the artistic talent and brilliance of the Filipino people. Initially centering around the National Capital Region, PAF activities will be held all over the country in order to reach as many people as possible.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Android Application Development Training

Introduction to the Android platform
History of Android
Technical architecture, Dalvik, APIs, application model
Android devices and ecosystem
Application distribution methods
Android versions and fragmentation; differences between different versions
Android development tools (JDK, Android SDK, Ant, Eclipse, adb)
Installation, configuration and usage of the tools
Using the tools on the command line and graphically
Setting up the emulator and configuring a virtual device
Connecting an actual Android phone; testing applications on devices
Testing and debugging applications
Creating a new Android project
Creating a project using both command line tools and the graphical IDE
Structure of an Android project; files, source code, configuration, resources
Compiling and installing the application on device / emulator
Introducing the key concepts of an Android application (activities, views, layouts, intents, context, application)