Monday, December 23, 2013

Vizio Dance Club, Entertainment Venue, Social Club, And Bar Experience To Open This Dec 28 At Tomas Morato QC!

     It was one night of an experience that got me dancing like there's no tomorrow, to the groove of  bubbly mix music, it just feels light and free, enjoying while it last, the ambiance of it!

   Have Fun, eat listen dance and enjoy your evening. Nothing is obligatory, Everything's possible. Be yourself and anthing can hapen to you., at Vizio Bar!

     On Saturday, December 28, 2013 join us as Vizio bar open its doors to the public!! Vizio bar. Vizio Bar is located in the heart of Tomas Morato where people go for a party. It is a place in Quezon City, Philippines known for bar, night. It aims to equally delight and surprise the senses of taste and smell, and is an integral pillar of the overall Vizio Bar experience .

   VIZIO BAR is a startup disco bar that  offers a variety of talented and exciting performers that will ignite the people's desire for a bar experience. It also aims to provide a unique entertainment to people and a place for socialization. The "MANAGEMENT TEAM" of Vizio is known to be successful in the business field. Aside from the commonality of being a businessman, they are also fond of going to different bars and restaurants. So they decided to manage an establishment where they can always meet and enjoy, a "BAR BUSINESS".


 Vizio Bar will specialize in high-energy performances that will make the customers enjoy. They will offer local and international beers, wines and an array of liquors and mixed drinks. It will also provide foods that are uniquely created and derived from Asian cuisines. In addition, the venue will sell nonalcoholic beverages such as soda, juices and bottled water. The initial hours of operation will be from 9:00 pm to 6:00 A.M., Mondays to Sundays.

The bartenders have one, and only one, mission: surprise their guests with unexpected combinations and refresh their spirits. Dance to the latest and greatest hits in House music, Electro, Top 40, Latin Pop, Hip Hop and much more!

Vizio Dance club, entertainment venue, social club and a bar Experience QC’s most visually and musically stunning megaclub and dance the night away!

Vizio bar is the first 3D bar in Quezon City.

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