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Celebration Is Fun With Ideal Gourmet Pasta And More!

    We Pinoys, like to celebrate alot, we have fiestas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. We are always thankful for so many things that we like to celebrate them!
   And on occasion of our celebrations, we love to have spaghetti, pansit  and salads as our main dish to share.And with the New year fast approaching  Ideal products would be an ideal choice to have for your pasta and salad needs, because of its taste, value and price.

    Choose from their variety of quality products; IDEAL Gourmet Pasta, SUNSHINE Pasta, IDEAL Special Quality Bulk Pasta,AUSTRALIA HARVEST Oatmeal, MORRISON FARMS Popcorn, EASY POP Gourmet Popcorn, EASYCOOK Legumes, IDEAL Desiccated Coconut, SUPER Q Bihon and PalabokAll

      Ideal Macaroni & Spaghetti Factory Inc. is the pioneer and one of the leading pasta brands in the industry. Established in the mid 1940’s, the company started its operation as a small family enterprise engaged in coffee roasting, chocolate production, spices trading and pasta production. Through the years, we have continuously improved and upgraded our production facilities and processes to cater to our customer’s demands. Our commitment to product excellence and our vision to be among the top industry players in the food manufacturing and distribution business, enables us to focus on our core business in pasta manufacturing, while opening up new opportunities in sourcing for value-added products to complement our existing product portfolio.

 And at Genting Star Cruise Resorts World Manila last December, 2013, we have had the chance to taste Chef Ojie Reloj luscious recipes.


   In 2013 and 2014 the Philippines will commemorate the 150th birth anniversaries of two leaders of its struggle for independence from Spain and the United States: Andres Bonifacio (born 30 November 1863), who founded the revolutionary movement against Spain; and Apolinario Mabini (born 23 July 1864), who led the first cabinet of the Philippine Republic and resisted American imperialism. To honor both men and the movements they engaged in, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines will hold a conference in Manila on 24-25 April 2014.

   The task of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) is to promote the understanding of Philippine history and the appreciation of Filipino heritage through research and publications, commemorations, the installation of historical markers, and the conduct of conferences .

The conference offers an opportunity for scholars from the Philippines and abroad to share new knowledge about the Filipino anti-imperialist struggle in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a way of commemorating the lives and sacrifices of Andres Bonifacio and Apolinario Mabini. Papers may cover, but are not limited to, the following themes:

MANIPULATION! – Persuasion, Influence and Sales


The Philippine's leading authority on Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis presents you with this GROUND BREAKING WORKSHOP
MANIPULATION! – Persuasion, Influence and Sales

(How to “Manipulate” people into doing what you want them to do)
Trance Manila will be giving out it's DEEPEST WELL GUARDED SECRETS wherein you can have the ability to SELLwhatever, where ever, and to who ever you want, Influence people and Persuade them into your own liking. Now would that be useful to you?

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Geohazard Mapping and Environment Summit

International Resource Recovery Movement

In the 1980s, the RRM founders were inspired by the resource recovery concept from Finland's FINKONSULT and the components of the Saemaul Undong model of the Republic of Korea (South Korea).

The resource recovery concept is characterized by its originators in Finland as a simple cost-saving methodology for organizations using appropriate technologies that will enable higher prevention of loss and generate greater savings either at the assembly line or in entire resource systems.

Resulting from this were studies submitted to the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) on modelling the Saemaul Undong in the Philippines and beginning a series of direct actions to promote resource recovery in the Philippines.

In 1990, Jose B. Martinez proposed to the DND to re-activate the Forest Ranger Battalion and requested the RRM founders to put together a study that will be submitted to the head of that agency.

From 1990-1991, the Philippines experienced two great natural disasters:  the Baguio Killer Earthquake in July 16, 1990 and the Mt. Pinatubo eruption nearly one year later in June 15, 1991. In contradiction to a firm position, the RRM founders who partook in preparing the final consolidated damage report expanded the rehabilitation funds several times to allow actual rehabilitation to reach the victims. The trickle down effect in government depletes all funding for local communities due to the unmitigated taking of skim from the top levels down to the municipal and even barangay level. If actual rehabilitation had not reached the reached the real victims, severe deterioration would have visited the affected communities and the resulting further loss would have been staggering.

Relatedly, in 1992, the proponents were briefed about the harmful effects of the accumulation of billions of tons of tephra (ash, lapilli, solid chunks of rock), in the high elevation parts of Zambales, Pangasinan and other provinces in the vicinity of Pinatubo.

The source of the data was a scientist visiting from Germany to study the volcano and with whom the RRM had a brief but productive encounter.  The scientist recommended the seeding of weeds on the tephra-covered elevated areas around Pinatubo. This insight was strongly suggested to Malacañang however it was not acted upon.  A few months after the letter to the Office of the President, flash floods hit Pangasinan.  Around eleven barangays were submerged in water and technically disappeared from the map temporarily.  Lives and property were lost.

Also in the same year, the RRM conducted a survey on the impact of Pinatubo with Bulacan as a Case Study and came out with findings that one to a maximum of three out of ten people in no less than eleven municipalities of Bulacan -- mostly coastal -- excreted minor amounts of blood in their urine.

The RRM also found the potable water in these eleven municipalities, including Malolos, Bulacan (provincial capital), to be highly salinated and to be the cause of the internal affliction of some of the respondents. RRM campaigned for a solution to the saline water intrusion into the aquifers of Bulacan that was causing the high salinity content of the province's potable water.

The Congress of the Philippines was moved to resuscitate an approved and dormant billion-peso fund solely intended for the water system of Bulacan. As a result, the dormant fund of PHP1.5-Billion was reinstated into the budget in favor of Bulacan's potable water systems concern.

In the same year, RRM helped in the campaign began by the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM) to stop the building of a huge bridge-breakwater from Bataan to Batangas on the premise that the project will kill Manila Bay.  At the time and up to now, the deterioration of Manila Bay still need to be addressed fully but the mothballing of the super bridge-breakwater project stemmed the early demise of the golden sunset bay.

RRM also strongly advocated the stopping of indiscriminate conversion of agricultural land for industrial-commercial-residential usage.  During the Kabisig National Assembly of 1992, Malacañang ordered a moratorium in the land conversion.

In 1995, RRM went into a joint undertaking with the Pangasinan network of non-government organizations led by Mr. Jose Burgos to carry out reforestation projects in the province of Pangasinan. RRM's legal holder, the non-profit Centre di Humanes et Societas, Inc. signed the agreement with the Pangasinan NGO Network and the Provincial Government of Pangasinan for the reforestation of the entire province of Pangasinan's network of forest areas to stop the massive siltation of Lingayen Bay and the degradation of the Agno Riverine System.

At the time, RRM observed that the landscape particularly in Central and Eastern Pangasinan was drastically transformed during the period between the Baguio Earthquake, the Pinatubo eruption, three to four years hence.

The linking up with the NGO network was borne out by the forecast made in 1983 by scientists from DOST research and development, Dr. Ponciano Batugal and company, that Pangasinan will turn into a desert in a span of twenty five years.

In the same year, through his own initiatives, Ambassador Leandro Verceles commissioned RRM to undertake a health audit and monitoring project under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations (UN).


In 1983, RRM prepared the EDCO-ORD PROJECT and submitted the same to then Vice Chief of Staff Fidel Valdez Ramos, an undertaking to convert idle military property into viable business centers for the private sector. The benefits for the sons and daughters of those in the uniformed services was underscored, for the private commercial industrial complexes that will be built will become job havens for these beneficaries, among many other Filipinos or even foreigners who were qualified to work therein. As a result the Light Industrial complex was set up in Fort Bonifacio and the Armed Forces of the Philippines Economic Welfare Service was established. It is now called Morale and Economic Welfare Service.

In 1989, through Gen. Batenga, RRM submitted a project proposal to Pres. Corazon C. Aquino for the establishment of a Philippine satellite information and research agency. This was envisioned to increase Philippine capacity in data com and the use of information about outer space for the Philippines' various requirements. One of the most important uses of data from outer space is about disasters and calamities.

In 1990-1991, RRM earnestly started the advocacy for a full-function geographic information system for disaster and environment protection at the Philippines' Department of National Defense (DND).

In the same year, as a function of its advocacy, the founders of RRM proposed a concept for the Rationalization of the Defense - Armed Forces organization, detailing a large number of suggestions and recommendations on how to maximize the potentials of streamlining of the Department of National Defense (DND) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). The Secretary of National Defense, Hon. Fidel Valdez Ramos, through the Undersecretary for Reserve Affairs, Hon. Victor Obillo, passed on to the RRM the determination of the Secretary to make the RRM concept the official position of the DND, RRM responded in the affirmative.

Among these activities was the promotion of Public Warning Systems (PWS) in the country.  In 1992, a total number of nineteen (19) public sector agencies were enjoined to attend the 1992 PWS Seminar conducted by experts from Germany led by Dr. Peter Pfeiffer at Camp General Aguinaldo, Quezon City. This was conducted by the same organizers of the summit in cooperation with German technical assistance.Further, the advocacy for a nationwide Safety agency from Jan 1992 evolved into the Philippine Safety organization under the Department of Transportation and Communications in 1995 that became technically enacted into law as the National Transport Safety Board (NTSB) after having passed the Third Reading and all the other requirements of legislation.

The proposed safety agency was patterned after the United States NTSB and Singapore’s Safety Commission. Malacañang’s then acting lady secretary of budget and management, Ms. Emilia Boncodin, returned the law back to Congress stating that she will refuse to comply with the requirements of the law because of the absence of funds for safety in the country.

Former Secretary of Transportation and Communications Vicente C. Rivera stated that while he was at Congress, then Congressman Manuel A. Roxas III and his counterpart in the Senate Senator Franklin D. Drilon were the ones who pushed hard, along with their allies, for making the NTSB bill into law.

Up to this year 2013, as this is being written, the NTSB law has not yet been implemented by Malacanang, although already a considerably huge number of questions have been ventilated about the way billions of pesos were being released outside of the bounds of the Philippine Constitution and public budget rules and regulations.

In the time of former Presidents Fidel Valdez Ramos and Jose Marcelo Ejercito (Joseph Estrada), the advocacy for safe air transport, GIS, command-control-communications-computer-information (C4I) went into full swing and RRM worked actively with specialists from the United States and not the least among them, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) while networked with Philippine corporation Rodal Management Corp.

The RRM people succeeded in helping upgrade the CAT Status of the Philippines one rank higher due to the development of the Master Plan Framework for the Development of Air Traffic Systems (ATS) in the Philippines.  Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Harris BankCorp, Inc. (HBCI) under Harris Corp. (Florida) of the United States provided the initial pledges and committed to finance the Philippine group a minimum seed fund of Sixty Million United States Dollars (USD60,000,000) for the development of Philippine air traffic and air communications services.

Today, the entire Philippine aviation administration is privatized and extensively under re-engineering and development.  The transport safety Board was never implemented however an Office of Transport Security modeled after the same structure under the Department of Homeland Security of the United States is in place.

At this time, RRM is undertaking a continuing advocacy in putting together members of the technical and scientific community to undertake GIS development and risk mapping for clusters of nations in Asia, Europe, Africa and other areas. This effort is called the Hazards Mapping and Environment Summit.

Through its allied organizations, RRM is now campaigning for the launching of broad-based construction of new dwellings for victims of calamities in the Philippines such as the November 8-10, 2013 Tropical Cyclone Haiyan, codenamed Yolanda. The resolve of RRM is to undertake, where applicable, the relocation of the victims to much, much safer ground. (Please see HMES Conference Paper at http://www.hazmapping.com/ release dateline - November 29, 2013.)

On December 10, 2013, a conference on the continuance of the un-launched 2010 summit will take place at the Cityland Executive Towers in Makati City, Philippines.

RRM  http://www.resourcerecoverymovement.org/
Tel. +6325058107  Mobile 09212261611
Email: campaigns@centrehumanes.org    resourcerecovery@centrehumanes.org   info@resourcerecoverymovement.org

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Vizio Dance Club, Entertainment Venue, Social Club, And Bar Experience To Open This Dec 28 At Tomas Morato QC!

     It was one night of an experience that got me dancing like there's no tomorrow, to the groove of  bubbly mix music, it just feels light and free, enjoying while it last, the ambiance of it!

   Have Fun, eat listen dance and enjoy your evening. Nothing is obligatory, Everything's possible. Be yourself and anthing can hapen to you., at Vizio Bar!

     On Saturday, December 28, 2013 join us as Vizio bar open its doors to the public!! Vizio bar. Vizio Bar is located in the heart of Tomas Morato where people go for a party. It is a place in Quezon City, Philippines known for bar, night. It aims to equally delight and surprise the senses of taste and smell, and is an integral pillar of the overall Vizio Bar experience .

   VIZIO BAR is a startup disco bar that  offers a variety of talented and exciting performers that will ignite the people's desire for a bar experience. It also aims to provide a unique entertainment to people and a place for socialization. The "MANAGEMENT TEAM" of Vizio is known to be successful in the business field. Aside from the commonality of being a businessman, they are also fond of going to different bars and restaurants. So they decided to manage an establishment where they can always meet and enjoy, a "BAR BUSINESS".


 Vizio Bar will specialize in high-energy performances that will make the customers enjoy. They will offer local and international beers, wines and an array of liquors and mixed drinks. It will also provide foods that are uniquely created and derived from Asian cuisines. In addition, the venue will sell nonalcoholic beverages such as soda, juices and bottled water. The initial hours of operation will be from 9:00 pm to 6:00 A.M., Mondays to Sundays.

The bartenders have one, and only one, mission: surprise their guests with unexpected combinations and refresh their spirits. Dance to the latest and greatest hits in House music, Electro, Top 40, Latin Pop, Hip Hop and much more!

Vizio Dance club, entertainment venue, social club and a bar Experience QC’s most visually and musically stunning megaclub and dance the night away!

Vizio bar is the first 3D bar in Quezon City.

Visit here: http://www.viziobar.com.ph
On FB: https://www.facebook.com/VIZIOPHILIPPINES

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New Year New You, How To Really Achieve All Your New Year's Resolution!

Not everyone will become healthy. Not everyone will become wealthy. But that doesn't mean you cannot. DO YOU WANT TO BECOME HEALTHY AND/OR WEALTHY? If you really, really, really want to become one, the best way to learn is to learn from the people who have experienced failing and now reaping success. Learn how to become successful from the following:

Learn about NUTRITION through Mr. Anthony Cadlum Saraza. Learn about MONEY MANAGEMENT through Mr. J. Randell Tiongson. Learn about STOCKS through Mr. Jay G. Penaflor. Learn about ENTREPRENEURSHIP through Mr. Butch Salvador. Learn about REAL ESTATE through Mr. Noli Manuel Alleje. Learn about FRANCHISING through Mr. Rudolf Kotik. Learn about FOREX through Mr. Mark So.


Forum fee is P1,000.00 + 12% VAT per attendee. Discounted rate at P800.00 + 12% VAT if you purchase before January 2014. Bank account details shall be sent via PM to interested people. Forum fee is already inclusive of snacks, coffee, lunch, certificate of attendance, chance to win exciting prizes, free photos from our photobooth sponsor (Prezioso Figlio), free body mass indexing/body mass analysis/blood pressure checkup from our wellness sponsor (ShapeUp/SlimDown), etc.

To attend the forum, sponsor or become a media partner, please feel free to contact us at 09175861414 or 6222853 or gvents.greenpinoys@gmail.com. You can also PM Alma Dayrit Roxas, Peter Allan Mariano and myself for this. Seats are very limited for this excellent success forum so book a seat as early as possible!

RSVP at https://www.facebook.com/events/521569707936827/. — with Leyo Neil Partol and Jason Labrador.

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Mga Anino Ng Kahapon Is Rated "A" by CEB And MTRCB

  This film made me think how schizophrenia, could make or break a person and family depending on how they deal with it. Yes there is cure and hope for a person, having this mental illness.

"Mga Anino ng Kahapon" is among the five entries in the Metro Manila Film Festival New Wave Section full feature category), showing now Dec. 18-22 at  Gloretta 4 and SM Megamall.

The Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB) fount the movie enlightening, adding that its screenplay is "insightful" and "well-researched."

   The CEB also praise the performance of the cast. "Agot Isidro in particular received uniformly rave reviews, not only due to her convincing depiction, but for imparting to the viewer a vicarious schizophrenia. Her partner TJ Trinidad was superb as usual, continuing to gro and mature as an actor. Both essays their roles with quiet power and conviction. "These are among the reasons why it gave the film an "A" rating.

  Meanwhile, the MTRCB lauded the film for its themes about hope and family. " The movie made us realize that we can still see the light despite the darkness of having to deal with a loved one who has mental disorder. Disability is not a punishment rather, there is purpose in it.

 In line with the objectives of raising awareness about schizophrenia, and reducing the stigma associated with it, the producers are inviting groups (high school and college classes, student orgs medical associations, NGO's, advocacy groups etc) to watch this film for FREE.

  Interested parties may contact mobile 091781102117, 0999-84960000 or simple go to their booth, at the lobby of Glorietta 4 and Megamall. The offer for free-scrennings applies to groups of five (5) or more. Rated PG by MTRCB.

Visit here: https://www.facebook.com/aninongkahapon

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


MAKATI CITY-This holiday season, Ayala Foundation, Inc. (AFI) and Ayala Museum present Season's Symphonies: Christmas Concerts for a Cause.

Guests can enjoy a variety of musical performances ranging from chamber music, jazz, and orchestra for five (5) evenings in December starting December 4. Proceeds from the ticket sales will support Laging Handa, AFI’s disaster response and preparedness program for the victims of typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan). Part of the proceeds will support the ongoing relief efforts in affected areas and the rest will be used to fund the construction of disaster-ready classrooms and establishment of sustainable livelihood projects in Negros.

The schedule of performances are as follows: UP Jazz Ensemble: Have A Swingin' Christmas on December 4; Arthur Espiritu and Friends: A Christmas Offering on December 12; Ramoncito Carpio and Nebrija Ramos Guitar Duo on December 17; Manila Symphony Orchestra performs Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev on December 19; and UP Guitar Orchestra: A Christmas Gift to the Yolanda Victims on December 21.

All concerts will begin at 7:00 pm and will be held at the Ayala Museum Ground Floor Lobby. Tickets are available for Php 500 each, valid ONCE for any of the five concerts. For inquiries and/or reservations, contact Paula Fernandez at (632) 759 82 88 local 31 or email fernandez.pnc@ayalafoundation.org.

A Dialogue on the Disagreement Between Technology & Humanity

Still Human?
An Invitation to the member of this club called Earth
December 21, 2013, 6pm
9096 Malugay St. Brgy San Antonio Makati City

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cinemanila International Film Festival @SM Aura!

       Cinemanila, the festival, traces its roots to the desire of continuing the legacy of Lino Brocka. In 1974, the great filmmaker created “Cinemanila,” an independent production outfit. With immortal classics like Mortal and Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang, Brocka was able to associate Cinemanila to films that are uniquely Filipino yet able to play to international markets. In turn, Cinemanila the film festival was envisioned to be a nurturing environment for the future of the Filipino film industry. By exposing them to international-caliber films, Cinemanila aimed to rouse the yearning among young and upcoming filmmakers to be more globally competitive and to be optimistic that they too can create world-class films worthy of exhibition abroad.
Visit here: https://www.facebook.com/cinemanila/info

Saturday, December 14, 2013

‘My Little Bossings’ A Movie Whose Time Has Come, Entry For 2013 MIFF!

   What makes me like this film, is its wholesomeness. Throughout these years, Vic "bossing" Sotto, has given us films, that made us laugh and enjoy family bonding. This year, they dont have one but two more bosings (Ryzza Mae Dizon and ames “Bimby” Aquino Yap)  to charm us, so dont miss this year's offering from Bossing Vic tireless effort to bring us entertainment, for our family to enjoy. see you there!

Not every generation produces a child star but this year, we have not just one but two of them who are set to show people that like Christmas, the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) is all about children even in making the tills sing.

“My Little Bossings” is a movie whose time has come. Ever since the project was bared, the public has been counting months, waiting with bated breath how the precocious Ryzza Mae Dizon will jive with the decorous James “Bimby” Aquino Yap, Both charming and intelligent, but one street smart and the other “socially elite,” it’s an intriguing pairing indeed.  
As shooting progressed and as the two kids warmed up to each other and established rapport on and off screen, it became clear that “My Little Bossings” is more than mere curious case. It’s a casting dynamo bound to shakeup the MMFF and steal thunder from anything that crosses its path. “Nakakatuwa talaga yung dalawang bata. They complement each other so well. You can see that when you watch the movie. Nagtuturuan, nagtatawanan, sabay napapagod, sabay nagugutom. Masaya lang kami sa set. Para lang kaming laging naglalaro,” said “My Little Bossings” lead star and co-producer, Vic Sotto.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Torque Celebrates 5th Year in the Philippines Proudly Pinoy brand revolutionizes the Filipino mobile phone landscape!

With its unwavering commitment to deliver quality and affordable products at par with foreign brands to the local mobile phone market, Filipino brand TORQUE marks its fifth year of operations in the Philippines. Amidst the technological revolution that has taken the mobile communications world by storm, TORQUE is proud to continuously keep pace with the constant quest for new breakthroughs in terms of design and functionality.

TORQUE’s beginnings in the country traces back to 2008, when they first took advantage of the surge of mobile phone usage in the Philippines. Understanding the needs and behavior of consumers, TORQUE has introduced a multitude of options to mobile users that fit their lifestyle and budget. Today, TORQUE is considered to be among the key players in a highly competitive and aggressive mobile phone industry.

“TORQUE has, indeed, gone a long way given the relatively short time of operations,” TORQUE CEO Christopher Uyco said. “In keeping up with the very dynamic mobile phone market in the Philippines, our commitment remains the same: to provide innovative product designs and highly thoughtful specifications based on what the market demands.”

As the first local mobile brand to launch the most affordable mobile phones and tablets with superb features found in foreign brands, TORQUE’s status has improved significantly in the last five years in terms of market demand. Rising from the 10th up to 7th and then up to 5th for the past 3 years. To date, TORQUE’s revenue has increased to 150 percent compared to 2012.

Pinoy ingenuity meets world-class features
For five years, TORQUE has given Filipino users the freedom of choice to select the mobile phones and tablets that fit their lifestyle, at a cost that will give them the best value for their money. “We engineer and design our own phones and tablets through our scaled and talented TORQUE engineering team,” Uyco related. “From the seemingly insignificant details to the essential functions, each product is made with only excellence in mind.”

To celebrate its fifth year, TORQUE has beefed up its product lineup with more innovative smart phones and tablets that caters to literally all types of mobile phone and tablet users.

Given that Filipinos use their gadgets not just for communications but for entertainment, TORQUE is offering mobile handsets that go beyond calling and texting. Now, enjoying videos and music are made more affordable with D1c, D1e, D1i, D5i, DTV5, DTV15 Slim. All products are with dual SIM capability, FM radio, camera with video recorder, multimedia player and expandable memory up to 32GB. DTV15 is even built with mobile TV, which is also available for i20 TV+WiFi and i80 TV+WiFi. Featuring a bigger screen for TV viewing, i20 and i80 are built with large and clear 2.8” and 3.5” screens, respectively, as dual SIM capability, camera with video recorder, and expandable memory up to 8GB. Connectivity is also not a problem with its seamless WiFi capability and Bluetooth/JAVA/GPRS/MMS feature.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Regine Velasquez- Alcasid’s Hulog Ka Ng Langit hits Platinum In Record Time!

    Regine Velasquez proved that she is still the country’s topselling female artist as her latest album Hulog Ka Ng Langit hits platinum mark in record time of two weeks.  Hulog Ka Ng Langit topped various stores’ sales chart for the past two weeks.

Regine was awarded the Platinum Record Award by Universal Records General Manager Kathleen Dy- Go last Sunday at GMA’s Sunday All Stars. The album has sold more than 15,000 units.

The album, composed of songs that give inspiration to wives and mothers, has the beautifully-penned Hulog Ka Ng Langit as debut single and title track of the album. The song truly embodies what the album is all about – unconditional love between husbands and wives, and mothers to children.

Regine recounts that when work has started for the album, the whole team was leaning towards making a baby album. The songbird, however, felt that love songs that have more general messages to be included in the album.

“The challenge really was to have a special, not-so-typical baby album,” shares Regine. “An album that can be appreciated by everyone – kids, parents, lovers, and family.”

With Regine’s gift of amazing vocals, she has given new life to songs like Hele Ni Inay, Someone’s Waiting For You, Happiness, You, God Gave Me You and Just The Way You Are, a duet with husband Ogie Alcasid. The songs included in the album also feature some of the best arrangers, musicians in the country.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Referral Revolution Workshop for Philippines

Monday, January 6, 2014 from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM
AIM Conference Center Benavidez St, Makati City

PPP Consulting Pte Ltd - Speaker: Chris Chan
Empowering financial practitioners to achieve personal breakthroughs and professional excellence.
Transforming the financial advisory landscape by touching a life at a time.
Up Your Referrals!
Up Your Client Communication!
Up Your Situational Handling Skills!
Up Your Questioning & Listening Skills!
Up Your Prospecting!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

What every freelancer Journalist at risk needs to know

By Gavite Rees (Dart Centre Europe Director)
The College of Journalism is hosting a day of workshops and talks aimed at sharing BBC and wider industry expertise of working in hostile environments. It is aimed particularly at freelancers, who are increasingly at risk, often without the safety support provided to staff journalists.

Dart Centre Europe - part think tank, part network for reporters who cover trauma - is one of the organisations taking part. Its director Gavin Rees says that taking account of trauma is essential - not only for the well-being of journalists but for the integrity of their journalism:

“TAKAGI IN CONCERT: A Violin Recital” This Dec 10 @CCP

The Cultural Center of the Philippines presents violinist Kazuhiro Takagi on December 10, 2013 at the Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (CCP Little Theater) at 7:30 pm. Assisting pianist is Josue Greg Zuniega.

Billed as “TAKAGI IN CONCERT: A Violin Recital”, the program includes J.S Bach’s Sonata No. 3 in C major, BWV 1005, Karol Szymanowski’s Three Myths for violin and piano, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Souvenir d'un lieu cher, Op.42, and Camille Saint-Saëns’ Violin Sonata No. 1 in D minor, Op. 75.

Born in Osaka, Japan, Kazuhiro Takagi started violin lessons at the age of six where he studied under Takayoshi Wanami, Yuko Mori, Eduard Wulfson and Eduard Schmieder. He later left for France to study at the Conservatoire National Superieur Musique de Lyon where he graduated with the highest grades in 1994. He furthered his training at Southern Methodist University in 1995 and Roosevelt University Chicago College of Performing Arts in 2000 via Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan. His major awards include a prize at the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition in Brussels (1997), 3rd prize at the Geneva International Music Competition (1998), and the 1st prize as the first violinist of the Eusia String Quartet at the Fischoff National Music Competition in Indiana State, USA (2001). He also obtained the National Arts Festival New Artist Award sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Osaka Cultural Festival Grand Prize (2005) and the Recorded Work Award, Audio Category at the 19th Music Pen Club Japan (2007).

Wealth Creation Summit This Dec.15 @SMX Aura!

Learn from the International Speakers about Personal Finance, Financial Planning, Savings, Investments, Working Online and knowing your personality to become successful in your chosen fields. Featuring DJ Rico Robles from RX 93.1 Monster Radio and Janice Hung for a Mini Concert after the Summit. Network with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Medias and executives during the event.

Reserve VIP Seats for only P 500 and Gold Seats P 250.00.
Regular P 100.00 - SOLD OUT