Sunday, June 30, 2013

DOTC to Make Commuting in Metro Manila More Convenient!

      An exhaustive, two (2)-year effort to gather and organize previously-unavailable data on buses, jeepneys, and trains in Metro Manila has been completed by the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC), now making it possible for commuters to plan their trips more efficiently and conveniently.

The initiative of building the Philippine Transit Information Service (PTIS) began in 2011, at a time when the Transport agency could not immediately provide certain essential information to commuters, such as the best route to take at a particular time, as well as the travel times involved. 

“The need to gather reliable data at that time in order to deliver convenient and efficient services to the public was immediately recognized and pursued,” explained DOTC spokesperson Migs Sagcal.
Using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, the DOTC gathered data on more than nine hundred (900) bus, train, and jeepney routes. It also collected useful information such as the fares and amounts of time required to take these various modes of transport.

Following this, the data was organized and analyzed by the DOTC along with other concerned offices such as the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), the Land Transportation Franchising & Regulatory Board (LTFRB), the Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA), and the Metro Rail Transit Corporation (MRTC).

As a result, it will now be possible to find out what a commuter’s options are to get from one point to another in Metro Manila, what types of transportation and how many transfers will be involved, and how much money and time each option will require.

“Our next step is to make the PTIS accessible to the public. The intention has always been to use modern technology in empowering people to make well-informed decisions on their commute,” added Sagcal.

The two (2)-year data gathering and analysis effort was made possible by a grant from the World Bank, which also funded a similar project of the Cebu City Government to make its traffic management efforts more advanced.

The DOTC, MMDA, and the Cebu City Government will be hosting a three month-long competition called the Philippine Transit App Challenge along with other government agencies beginning this month, where individuals and groups mainly from the Information Technology (IT) industry will compete to develop applications using the PTIS database, which the public may then use to choose their best routes at any given time. 
Participants will be invited to develop applications based on two new kinds of publically available data - regularly updated geographic location and service information for all bus, jeepney, and rail routes in Metro Manila, as well as live traffic incident data streams in Manila and Cebu. currently being tested under a pilot scheme.

The competition will be held on July 2 at the University of the Philippines Asia Learning Center Toyota Auditorium from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm and is open to everyone and all platforms.

The launch will be followed by a 3-month development period, where participants can work with volunteer mentors to build their entries. The finalist will be selected through a combination of online voting and the decisions of a judging panel, and a formal awards ceremony where finalists can pitch their entries, will be held in October.

Friday, June 28, 2013

5 Must-ask Questions for Your Co-Founder Interviews

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile now, you already know how much emphasis I put at the process of finding the right partner. Actually, wrong partner selection is THE single reason I’ve failed in multiple previous  startups. Do NOT take this delicate process haphazardly.
To help you with this process, I’d like to share some practical questions you can ask a potential partner during an interview. This is by no means a comprehensive list – these are just a random, practical list of questions I’ve found to be pretty helpful over the years.

1) What are your own dreams for this startup?

You want a partner, not an employee. You want someone who will share your startup dream and very importantly, make it something bigger. Your potential partner HAS to have his own take on how to further build on your idea or vision.
Red flag answers:
“Well, uhm, I haven’t really thought of that.”
“It’s your vision, not mine.”

2) I really suck at _______, _________, and _________. What are YOUR weaknesses?

Weaknesses questions are very, very tricky in interviews. People know the question is coming and yet are still are still befuddled by it. Moreover, you typically get people who won’t divulge real weaknesses and instead give you duh answers like:
“I work too hard”
“I’m a perfectionist.”
“I used to be bad with detail, but now it’s no longer a weakness.”(this means its a HUGE weakness!!)
In the co-founder search, the weakness/strength discussion is just so crucial. The whole point of getting a partner or two is to find people who will complement you and account for your weaknesses  (and vice versa).
So you HAVE to have an honest, open, conversation about strengths and weaknesses.
The first part of the question, “My weaknesses are…” is designed to make the interviewee more comfortable in divulging her own weaknesses by first divulging your own. Share these truthfully. If you are genuine, your interviewee WILL, more often than not, reciprocate.
Red flag answers:
“I work too hard.”
“I have worked so hard in correcting my weaknesses that now I have none.” (yep, I have gotten this multiple times)

3) How do you like to get rewarded? 

I like this question precisely because it is a very general question and can lead the conversation where the interviewee chooses. You can then see patterns as far as motivation is concerned. Knowing what will motivate a partner is crucial in ensuring your partner/s stays with you.
For extrinsic rewards, be sensitive to answers which pertain to the timing of when the interviewee would want to get rewarded.
You want people who will believe in your idea and will work for FUTURE monetary rewards. You want to be talking more about equity, success-based rewards, and future plans, instead of negotiating current salary.
Which reminds me of another very strategic question to ask:

4) What are your current financial obligations?

This is an AWESOME question.
I’ve found that a person’s current financial situation is a HUGE determinant as to whether he would take a leap with you or not. Not only will you get a good picture of this, but this is also a VERY GOOD WAY of determining what the person’s minimum salary can be.
(If the person says “I’m paying around P3000 a month for the phone bill and around P4000 for gas. that’s it.” and then he says later on, “I would require a fulltime salary of P40,000,” then you have a red flag.)
I just am realizing this right now as I type this – I hope I won’t regret posting these when I do future founder interviews…

5) Can you design/program/sell/  ________ for me right now? 

These are the three classic roles for the ideal founding team: a design expert, a programmer (or more generally, your MAKER/PRODUCER), and your pitchman.
How do you know if they can do the role well? Make them exhibit it. Make them audition.
Make the pitcher give you a 5-minute pitch. Ask the programmer to code. Make the designer draw something. Don’t  rely on a portfolio (you’re not sure if they really did it). Rely on what they could produce right there and then. This will take time yes, but believe me, its worth it.
Red flag answers:
“Really? Now?”
Other quick suggestions: 
- NEVER partner from just one interview. Do AT LEAST 3. Ask many references. And then work on a small project together before shelling out any equity. This is not an employee. This is a marriage. Be thorough.
- If its been a long time already and you haven’t found a partner yet? (I know some people who are now at year 3 of the search). Just start and incorporate. The work you will do (assumption: you do good work) WILL attract potential partners. Who knows, you might not even need one.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

AOC Deliver The Best In Mobile Computing With Their New Breeze Tablets!

From the worldwide leader in display manufacturing comes its latest Breeze tablets that make mobile computing truly a breeze.
Fast, flexible and powered by the latest Android Jelly Bean operating system, the latest incarnations of the Breeze MW0731+ and Breeze MW0831 are the perfect companions for everyone who does not want to miss out on their email, social media, the latest news, entertainment and the most engaging games.
Powered by 1.4GHz ARM Cortex A9 Duo-Core & Quad-Core GPU (RK3066) processors, both models also come with standard 8GB internal memory expandable to 32GB through its microSD slot, 1GB DDR3 RAM, built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G dongle support, front cameras and 7 and 8-inch LCD capacitive screens with HDMI support for the MW0831.
Battery life is very impressive at up to 12 hours of audio for the MW0731+ and 25 hours for the MW0831.
And because its display is one of AOC’s strongest suits, expect the screens of both the Breeze MW0731+ and Breeze MW0831 to be among the brightest tablet displays in the market.
Not heavy on the wallet, the latest tablets from AOC are also attractively priced at Php 5,999 and Php 8,999 respectively.
Standard software includes Internet Browser, Video Player, Audio Player, Photo Browser, Email, Sound Record, Calculator and Ebook Support. Google Play is also included for easy downloading of additional apps and games to further enhance its computing and entertainment value.
AOC Breeze Tablets are available at authorized retailers nationwide and distributed EA Global Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.
Headquartered in Taipei, AOC is a world leader in the display technology for monitors and televisions, backed by over six decades of design and manufacturing experience.
The size of AOC global operations is impressive. AOC operates 9 international offices, employing almost 600 professionals dedicated to promoting the AOC brand worldwide. Official distributors and service partners extend AOC's permanent sales and support to more than 100 countries.
Backed by over 60 years of electronic manufacturing experience, AOC embraces technical innovation, quality production and award-winning design, with a constant focus on environmental and ergonomic features. Around the world, AOC has been praised with numerous awards and excellent reviews for its first-class products. For more information about AOC and its products.
Visit here:
On Facebook:

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Zendee To Represent The Philippines In Singapore On June 28!

 Singapore’s top communications company Star Hub presents “Under the Stars: From Online to a Live Stage” a stellar concert with a great line-up of international and local talents that have successfully gained a following on YouTube.

Featured line-up of artists include Tanner Patrick (USA), Madilyn Bailey (USA), Nate Tao (USA), The 38 Years Ago (Thailand), The Sam Willows (Singapore) and our very own Zendee as the final act.

          The concept of taking YouTube sensations to a whole new level remains – bringing them closer to the audience by taking them from online to a live stage. The 3-hour musical festival will be held under the starry sky at The Coliseum of Resorts World Sentosa on June 28, 7:00pm. For those living outside Singapore, live streaming of the concert will be available via

          Zendee, and the rest of her band, flew to Singapore earlier this week to meet her co-performers. She also plans to tour around the city on her spare time since this is her first time in Singapore. Excited and nervous, Zendee feels honored to be selected as the final act in this once in a lifetime experience.

She is currently promoting her 2nd single “The Ones You Love”, from her debut album “I Believe” under Warner Music Philippines with a possible nationwide tour around the Philippines. Stay tuned as she documents her trip complete with photos to be featured in a local magazine soon.

Can’t get enough of Zendee? Follow her via the following social networking sites below.  |

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The 2nd Digital Marketing in a BLINK Seminar!

Eye on Analytics and Mobile Innovative Strategies’

 From the success of the first Digital Marketing in a BLINK - Great Ideas Worth Executing comes a new line-up of select Industry Experts to share their tips and techniques on ANALYTICS and MOBILE INNOVATIVE STRATEGIES.

Marketing has evolved from a creative process to highly data-driven process. Organizations use ANALYTICS in Multi-Channels to determine desired results of campaigns and to guide decisions for consumer targeting, ad spent and investment (allocation of budgets). Analytics allow marketers to collect relevant data and information to improve marketing program executions, site creative content and information architecture.

Mobile is an extraordinary medium that has set the world ablaze with anytime, anywhere, 24/7 communications in the hands of consumers. Mobile is morphing into controlling -- completely and remotely -- consumers lives. Noticed how consumers can no longer conduct work, communications, and even purchase effectively, when they are deprived of mobile lifelines.


Day 1, Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Analytics in Multi-Channels

1. Web Analytics Fundamentals - Intro to Analytics
2. Google Analytics for Online Success
3. Guide to Social Analytics - FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn
4. Email Marketing Analytics - Tracking, Tagging, Segmentation, and Reporting
5. Paid Search Analytics - Reporting and Analyzing PPC Campaigns
6. YouTube Analytics: Analyze Channel Performance
7. Driving Consumer Insights with Mobile Analytics
8. eCRM Analytics: The Role of Data Integration

Day 2, Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Innovative Mobile Strategies

1. Mobile Transforms Brand Engagement to Awesome Consumer Experiences
2. Make Mobile as a Convenient Market Place For Your Products and Services
3. Use Mobile to Develop Entirely New and Compelling Product Offers
4. Establish a Customer-Centric Business Process Through Mobile
5. Mobile Transforms Brands Value Creation to Consumers
6. How Mobile Search Make Your Brand Highly Visible in the Mobile World


CMOs, Brand Marketers, Category Managers, Advertising Managers, Digital Directors, Agencies, Publishers, Media, Telcos, Content Providers, Bloggers, E-Commerce Entrepreneurs, Suppliers, Government, Academe, Digital Marketing Service Providers and those involved in digital marketing and advertising.


P14,000 for 2 days, inclusive of meals and kit.
P8,000 for 1 day, inclusive of meals and kit.

Group Discount: 5+1 (send 5 delegates and get 1 more delegate for FREE)
Previous Attendees to Fiera Learning Events: 5%


YES! Please reserve a seat for the ‘Digital Marketing in a BLINK’ Program on July 23-24, 2013.
Email to or fax to 8960637, 8902101



Fax: _
Email _

Please share or pass this invitation to interested colleagues and friends. Thank you!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Designed For Specific Consumers, TOSHIBA Launched Stylish, High-Performance LAPTOPS!

      This made my day, coming to the launch of Toshiba's newest laptops at El Circulo Restaurant Makati. Aside from their stylish high performance units, we've been entertained by the renown comedian Mr. Gab Mercado, with  his cool antics that jibes with how funny we sometimes carelessly handle our laptops, this newest unit from Toshiba would surely just make us laugh off, situations like when we or somebody accidentally drop or fell it off .  What else can you ask for in a laptop, although these are high end units, they are reasonable priced. And we have options to choose from their variety of quality laptops.

     Be it for business, gaming, or home use, there’s an elegantly designed Toshiba notebook that’s just right for you. Numerous studies conducted by Toshiba revealed that one thing users truly value is “elegant design” carefully and thoughtfully designed products that combine both aesthetics and functionality.

With this in mind, Toshiba set off to produce new laptops that utilize modern materials and that feature smart
and stylish design elements such as frameless keyboards, enhanced speakers, and metallic surfaces and finishes.

Continuously striving to offer the best in terms of value, entertainment, and portability,
Toshiba (Philippines) Inc. recently launched five elegant yet high performance laptops designed for specific consumers.

Portégé Z10t

Toshiba recognizes the growing demand for a combined laptop PC and tablet among business professionals, and so mobile executives and frequent travellers will find a lot to love about the Portégé Z10t. Users can enjoy the massive power of a full-fledged Ultrabook™, while enjoying the portability of a tablet weighing only 850 grams.

This thin detachable laptop and tablet features a bright 11.6-inch full HD touch display, and is powered by
Windows 8 Pro. Keeping business professionals in mind, the Portégé Z10t comes with security features such as a TPM chip and Intel vPro technology, and is also well outfitted in terms of connectivity.

This sleek, steel grey metallic Ultrabook™ is durable, powerful, and convenient, and offers full flexibility to
all business professionals who need a tool that easily adapts to their numerous computing needs.

Satellite S40 series

The Satellite S40 series, made up of the S40t and S40Dt, is ideal for all consumers looking for powerful PCs that allow them to stay both productive and entertained.

These notebooks boast of an all-new sophisticated and significantly thinner design encased in an eye-catching brushed aluminum ice metallic silver finish, packed with high definition multimedia and entertainment-optimized features for greater everyday computing power.

With a 14.1-inch HD display, up to 750GB HDD storage, integrated Optical Disk Drive, DTS® Sound™ and built-in Onkyo speakers, the S40 series is an all-around PC that delivers optimum performance in one affordable package. The S40 features a 10-point touch display that makes navigating and controlling a laptop as convenient and intuitive as using a tablet or smartphone.

Satellite L40 and L50 Series

Toshiba’s Satellite L40 and L50 series, comprised of the L40, L40D, and L50, fulfill the numerous needs of laptop consumers. These models allow everyday users to efficiently and effectively perform their daily computing tasks while providing them the power to enjoy high quality multimedia and content creation.

Noteworthy features of the Satellite L40 series include HD display with LED backlighting, NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology, integrated Optical Disk Drive, DTS® Sound™, built-in Onkyo speakers, and Toshiba Resolution+ technology.

Consumers who are big on design should take a good look at the refined and dapper Satellite L40 series. With its choice of colors for each different version including a Glossy Gold Edition exclusive to Asia, each model comes with a sleek finish that subtly matches the tiled keyboard with a glossy frame and matte keys.

Satellite P50 and P50t
Toshiba’s Satellite P series, comprised of the Satellite P50 and P50t, are the newest notebooks designed for everyday users. These stylish notebooks are elegantly designed with an attractive brushed aluminum silver finish with chrome accents on the lid.

The Satellite P50 runs a fourth-generation Haswell processor, GeForce GT 745M, a framebuffer of 4GB, and an optical drive. The P50t, on the other hand, features a third-generation processor and GeForce GT 740M. The P50t also comes with an intuitive 10-point touch and swipe support.

Both the P50 and P50t come equipped with a 15.6-inch full HD display, an enlarged click touchpad and two Harman Kardon® speakers, making these powerful yet portable tools ideal for working on documents, watching movies, and even enjoying some serious gaming.

Qosmio X70

Finally, there’s the Qosmio X70, Toshiba’s latest laptop designed specifically for gaming enthusiasts who want the best when it comes to performance, speed, graphics, sound quality, and connectivity.

The Qosmio X70 boasts of a massive 17.3-inch full HD display with an 8-millisecond response time, as well as serious gaming hardware under its hood.

This high-performing laptop is powered by a fourth-generation Intel Core processor and comes equipped with 16GB
of RAM. Its dedicated GeForce GTX 770M graphics card comes with up to 3GB of GDDR5 video RAM, and is NVIDIA®’s second most powerful mobile GPU to date. Four integrated Harman Kardon® stereo speakers handle the X70’s sound, with a 6-watt output of DTS Studio Sound.

Toshiba’s Qosmio X70 is of an attractive and distinct red aluminum color, and effortlessly carries the premium polish of the entire Qosmio series. Its tiled and frameless keyboard design is illuminated in red, enabling navigation and convenient text input even in low light conditions.

Toshiba’s latest laptops are stylish yet functional, and users will find that the company’s fresh design philosophy will not disappoint. Whether used for work or play, these notebooks exude a simple elegance and will provide an outstanding user experience that cannot be matched.

All Toshiba PCs and tablets are backed by Toshiba’s extensive service and support. The company’s SelectServ Program allows users to customize their notebook’s warranty coverage, depending on their budget and needs.

Actual features and specifications vary according to model and local availability. For more information,
please visit

Connect with Toshiba on Facebook at, on Twitter at, and on YouTube at


A Comprehensive gathering of BEAUTY, HEALTH N WELLNESS INDUSTRIES  all in one roof!
International Beauty, Health and Wellness Show (IBWHEX) offers international trade associations, manufacturer, exporters, importers and wholesalers the platform to launch their product  to the Philippines.

This event aims to create a venue to local buyer / manufacturer / supplier to meet potential foreign partner / manufacturer or supplier as well as to showcase the newest technology  and product that can compete internationally.

International beauty, Health and Wellness Expo also  envisions to;
Create a platform where they can  introduce and showcase their  globally competitive products and services
Meet new potential clients, suppliers and business partners
Connect and network with your target buyers and dealers to both local and international visitors

To serve as their venue in searching for local counterparts, future partners, suppliers and possible business venture in the Philippines
Maximize exposure to the local market in a cost effective way
Expand your contacts and  find internationally competitive suppliers  in the local market.
Visit here

Friday, June 21, 2013


        Most people would envision themselves living in a tranquil yet still accessible place within the city. With the metro’s hustle and bustle, one would wonder where to go and often dream of a peaceful place to call home within the highly populated urban jungle.

      A sanctuary in the city, Ilustrata Residences serves as a safe haven at the heart of the busy Metro Manila streets. The first-ever midrise residential condominium of the Property Company of Friends, Inc. (PRO-FRIENDS), Ilustrata Residences is the ideal place for yuppies and start-up families to settle.

     The property consists of six buildings with 1,800 soundproofed units. PRO-FRIENDS designed the Ilustrata Residences with a minimalist façade under the modern influences combined with warm, earthy accent colors that give off the “old rich” classic image.

      Strategically located along Boni Serrano, formerly Santolan avenue in Cubao, Quezon City and situated in the middle of New Manila and Greenhills, Ilustrata Residences is accessible through public transport. It is also built near hospitals, schools, malls, and other public institutions.

     “Ilustrata Residences has the amenities that support the modern urban community lifestyle as well as easy-to-own-financing packages that adjust to a buyer’s budget. Our units can be availed of starting at P7, 500 a month, with the option to combine units to further optimize spaces,” said PRO-FRIENDS corporate communications director Monica Morales.

      The Ilustrata Residences is located at #39 Boni Serrano Avenue, Bagong Lipunan ng Crame, Cubao, Quezon City!
  Ilustrata Residences boasts of its state-of-the-art reception area for residents and guests.
Residents can maximize the conventional interior of Ilustrata Residences. 
PRO-FRIENDS’ Ilustrata Residences shows a minimalist façade, showing the “rich old” feel of its units.

PRO-FRIENDS Launches New Mobile Site For Better Customer Service!

    Scouting for your next home while waiting in line at the grocery store or while commuting to work? PRO-FRIENDS, one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in the Philippines, makes this possible with the launch of their new mobile site at
BelleFort Estates


    “We launched this mobile site to cater to our tech savvy market who are always on the go. We want to be more accessible to them by becoming more visible in new media platforms such as this, which they can easily access through their smartphones or tablets  any time of the day,” said Richard Tay, PRO-FRIENDS vice president for marketing.
   The mobile-friendly site allows the user to zoom in and out of the pages, a specific feature for mobile devices. The mobile site makes sending inquiries easier as easy as tapping an icon. The auto call feature allows the user to reach a customer service representative by just pressing the call icon while the auto email feature allows for sending a quick message to a customer service representative without the hassle of typing an email address. And a more prominent social media integration tool allows the user to share on Facebook and Twitter, making the selection of a new home easier with shared input from people who matter.

   Earlier this year, PRO-FRIENDS launched its QR (Quick Response) code campaign, which allows a user to access the specific website for its different projects such as Ilustrata Residences, Parc Regency Residences, Lancaster Estates, Bellefort Estates, and The Palms Lakeshore. The QR codes can be found in various PRO-FRIENDS ads or posters.

   To download a QR code scanner, tap on the search bar in the app store for iPhone/iPad or Google Play app for Android devices, look for preferred QR code scanner, then click install.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Medical City Launches “TMC Partner Link”- An Easy And Secure Access Medical Records For Their Patients!

Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City, June 19, 2013—The Medical City (TMC) launched today an innovative service that provides its patient-partners with easy and secure access to their medical records via the Internet, free –of-charge.

Dubbed “TMC Partner Link,” the on-line facility allows patients to view their laboratory and radiology diagnostic results, as well as discharge summaries wherever they are. It also features various health trackers that enable patients to monitor their vital signs via a graphic interface. “For now, we have trackers for blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and weight,” says Dr. Mike Muin, Health IT Head of The Medical City. “What’s unique about these trackers is that they are integrated with our hospital Electronic Medical Records, and allow doctors to monitor their patients without frequent hospital visits. It fully embraces the concept of patient partnership beyond the walls of the hospital.” TMC Partner Link however does not provide medical advice, so patients should still consult their doctors for proper interpretation of the diagnostics and symptoms.

In order to protect sensitive medical records and personal information from unauthorized access, the portal uses a strict identification verification and authentication procedure. In addition, all data is stored in the secure clinical data repository of The Medical City.

TMC Partner Link is accessible via The Medical City’s main website (  Patients admitted starting June 24, 2013 will be offered the facility as part of standard admission procedures. Outpatients of the Ambulatory Service Center may be enrolled similarly. Alternatively, those who have transacted with TMC before this date can visit, call or email TMC’s Customer Service Department to sign up for a Partner Link account.

The launch of the TMC Partner Link coincides with its celebration of “Innovation Week.”  Throughout the week, the “Innovation Fair” at the TMC Lobby will showcase a wide range of technologies, services and products developed by TMC’s various clinical and administrative departments.

“Harnessing the power of information technology, we are able to establish closer and more meaningful connections with our patient-partners. Moving forward, the service will continue to be enhanced, and we will introduce more and more features responsive to their needs,” says Dr. Alfredo R.A. Bengzon, M.D., M.B.A., President and Chief Executive Officer of The Medical City.

The Medical City is a tertiary care hospital with over forty years of experience in hospital operation and administration. Its world-class health care complex serves some 40,000 in-patients and 400,000 out-patients annually. TMC has a medical staff of over 1,000 physicians who are established experts in their various fields of specialization. This core of professionals is complemented by a 2,200-strong human resource complement, engaged in allied medical, administrative and support services. TMC is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the world’s most prestigious accrediting body for international health care organizations.

The Medical City is located along Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City. For more information about The Medical City and its services, call (+632) 988-1000 or (+632) 988-7000 or email at, or visit 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WHAT'S UP FEST Promoting AWESOME This July 6 At A Venue Mall!

WU! FEST is a all ages outdoor festival featuring all of the favorite activities you would enjoy at a Fair. This first annual event will showcase over 50 booths providing food, drinks and a wide variety of entertainment!

Picture op with Hooters GIrls, MOJO Girls & Harley-Davidsons!
Over 20 Artists Painting Live!
Giant darts and HUMAN SIZE Janga Challenge
Bamboo Bikes
Henna Tattoos
Festival Gear by CHerry OH
Nail ART
Flare Bar Tending
Golf Putting Challenge
Photo Booth
SOLE SLAM Shoe Designs!
Cash Prizes
Band t shirt sales 

Weekender’s Dip (Sandwiches wraps and Dip- OH MY!)
REDBULL BAR Whiskey Coke, 
Bayani Brew
There are 21 artists that are in for the BIG COLLABORATION WALL and 11 artists that have requested for solo panels at this point.
Fire Dancing and Flow arts by Planet Zips
December Avenue 
Electric Princess 
Dhruva Tara 

GET YOUR TICKETS from select locations and get one free ticket for your friend.
300 peso get you a free beer, T-Shirt, a free ticket for a friend and all the awesomeness at WU! FEST! 

MARU Makati: at A VENUE on MAKATI AVE 0917-8064172

H & J Felipe street, Makati (02) 954 1130

Balkan: 109 Perea Street, Legaspi Village 846-0744

Sunday, June 9, 2013

MAFBEX, Now On Its 7th Year!

        The Manila Foods and Beverages Expo is the yummiest get together of the pillars and amateurs of the food trade. All moved by the love of food, the show highlights current demands of food service and hospitality industry from over 500 booths and 300 companies.

       Held every month of June in a total exhibit area of 25,000sqm inclusive of more than 5 internet zones, more than 50, 000 visitors, international pavilions from Europe United States of America, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan and Korea, MAFBEX, sure is the leading foods and beverage expo in the country.

MAFBEX offers more than just a taste of the finest flavors in the land and of its neighboring countries, it also coats big and small time players of the food and beverage business with its recipe of good trading opportunities from a plethora of buyers and traders present in the show, the availability of WSI’s business matching services and free viable seminars from the industry’s pros and experts makes MAFBEX even sweeter.

Cooking demonstrations by incomparable chefs, ethnic delicacies and ingredients from all over the world plus flair cup and interschool and professional contests are mixed evenly to spice up every MAFBEX serving.
Visit here:

On PCDSPO’s Online Observance of Malacañan Palace’s Sesquicentennial

      Tomorrow, we observe the sesquicentennial of Malacañan Palace as official residence of the chief executive of the Philippines. In fulfillment of its mandate as custodian of the institutional memory of the Philippine Presidency, the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office (PCDSPO) is launching an online commemoration to mark one hundred fifty years since its conversion from rest house to official residence of Spanish and American Governors-General, and later Philippine Presidents.

        A timeline on the history of Malacañan Palace from both an institutional and architectural perspective will be published on the Presidential Museum and Library (PML) website (

       In continuation of its popular colorization project, PCDSPO will also be posting colorized archival photographs of Palace vistas and significant events such as the visit of Edward, Prince of Wales.

      In addition, an animated architectural evolution of the Palace will be uploaded.

       We enjoin the public to take part in this commemoration by visiting the PML website and its other social media sites ( & or by booking a visit ( to experience firsthand the history and heritage of this great house which belongs to the Filipino people.

Want A Fast And Hassle-Free NSO Delivery?

       Then go to NSOHelpline.coma citizen service of Pilipinas Teleserv, an NSO (National Statistics Office)  partner since 2000, which offers a new and comprehensive way of having your NSO certificates delivered to your very door steps, answers your inquiries, and finding solutions to your certificate concerns online.With their thirteen years of experience and  proven services to millions already, who have availed of their service, getting certificates should be as easy as this;

One (1)
Two ( 2)

Three (3)

Four (4)
Five (5)

Six (6)

Seven (7)
Pilipinas Teleserv is the recognized leader in Citizen Services from among the country’s world-class BPO companies, having established itself as an innovative contact center provider. The company operates services for various Philippine government agencies like the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Civil Service Commission, the Government Service Insurance System, the Bureau of Internal Revenue, and various others that have revolutionized the way citizens transact with the government. Teleserv has found its niche as a systems integrator in the industry utilizing Voice, SMS, Chat, Email, and Web-based applications into a unified communications structure.

Teleserv is the service company behind services such as: DFA Passport Appointment System – where Filipinos can acquire passport processing schedule and information, the Contact Center ng Bayan – the Philippine Government’s main helpdesk where citizens, civil society organizations, and other entities can voice their complaints and concerns with government agencies such as the Civil Service Commission, PhilHealth, Department of Trade and Industry, National Computer Center, and Department of Health, and the contact center partner of the Government Service Insurance System and the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

 A very convenient way to get your NSO Certficates, where you can access and order any time of the day, 7 Days a week. Now that saves you alot of trouble.

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     Launched today at Genting, Resort World. Manila, are the 30 candidates who made it to the list, who will compete for the Bodyshots X 2013 Philippines.
      The show isn’t over for the largest and most prestigious model search event in the Philippines, Bodyshots! As the news is spreading like wildfire, Bodyshots Model Search is making a comeback this 2013 with a much bigger, better and more exciting program than ever!

      Having launched the careers of some of the celebrities and models we know today since FDAP initiated the groundwork for the first competition in 1986, Bodyshots is truly considered to be your passport to the industry. Some of the alumni of the competition include Eric Quizon, Marina Benipayo, Wilma Doesnt, Zanjoe Marudo, John Estrada, Hayden Kho, Joan Bitagcol, Rachel Soriano, Lucia Santiago, and Francine Prieto.

     Bodyshots undeniably raised the bar of the Philippine fashion modeling industry. Since its inception, FDAP endeavored to discover young but promising and professional modeling talents with an aim to establish the Philippines as Asia’s foremost source of fashion models.

      The Fashion Designers Association of The Philippines (FDAP) in cooperation with Resorts World Manila is proud to announce the hosting of the Bodyshots X 2013 Model Search Philippines. Its nationwide screening was held last May 18 – 19, and out of the 150 models who auditioned, only 15 men and 15 women were chosen as the finalists for the competition. The Grand Finals Night is set on June 27 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila. But before the big event, all are invited to come and swing by at the The Plaza in Resorts World Manila as the finalists strut their stuff at the Fashion Shows on June 12, 17 and 18 at 6:00 pm.   See you all on the runway!
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