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MELISSA RICKS The Actress With The Enigmatic Smile Continues To Radiate Beauty And Elegance In COSMO Skin’s!

       It was only last year when Melissa Ricks was launched as Bargn Farmaceutici Phils. Co.’s first celebrity endorser for its flagship product Cosmo Skin L-Glutathione, in a much-remembered and talked about event at the SM Mall of Asia.  Well, followers of the beautiful actress have reason to celebrate anew, as Cosmo Skin’s partnership with the “girl with the enigmatic smile” continues with Cosmo Skin’s newest, “Deliciously Beautiful, Deliciously Cosmo Skin” campaign.

        In an elegant and star-studded affair last August 28 at the Concourse Event Area in SM Makati, the radiant beauty was introduced  once again to the press and the public in an event that captured the sparkle and glamour befitting one of the country’s best-selling glutathione brands.

    The Star Magic actress couldn’t suppress her happiness at the opportunity of once again representing Cosmo Skin.  “I’ve been a long-time user of Cosmo Skin supplements and soaps,” she reiterates, adding that her continued use of Cosmo Skin, has led her to maintain, a radiant and glowing complexion.  “My skin simply remains immaculate.”

      Although she has been naturally blessed with beautiful skin, Melissa is quite appreciative of Cosmo Skin L-Glutathione with Advance Skin Whitening Technology, as it complements her own skin care regimen and the demands of her profession.  “Having a nice complexion is a must when facing the cameras,” says the busy actress who remains a fixture of ABS-CBN’s primetime teleseryes.  “It simply registers well on-screen and makes my skin deliciously beautiful.”

At present, Melissa is looking forward to again making the rounds of the various outlets that sell Cosmo Skin along with her other duties as the health supplement’s endorser.  In fact, she is now finalizing and double-checking her schedule so that her nationwide sorties for Cosmo Skin will be truly special.  She has in fact just finished shooting the collaterals that will accompany the brand’s deliciously beautiful campaign.  “It will be slightly different,” she teases, noting that the photos and even the standees at select outlets selling Cosmo Skin will show another delicious facet of herself and Cosmo Skin.

“Let’s just say that newest campaign will just be ‘Deliciously Beautiful, Deliciously Cosmo Skin,” she says with finality and with that enigmatic smile on her lips.


The award was given to Cosmo Skin during ceremonies held at Midtown Wing Robinsons Manila and was personally given by the Gold Brand Council.

Mr. Niño Bautista and Mr. John Redentor Gatus Jr, managing directors of Bargn Farmaceutici Phils. Co., were on hand to accept the award for Cosmo Skin.  “This most recent award reflects the industry’s recognition of Cosmo Skin as a product that can truly deliver results,” says Mr. Bautista, who with Mr. Gatus started the company in 2006.

Since 2006, Bargn Farmaceutici Phils. Co. has come up with a Glutathione supplement that’s not only more effective than existing brands but also reasonably priced. Moreover, Cosmo Skin is unique in that it is the only glutathione supplement in the local market that uses reduced L-glutathione—a prime form of Glutathione that is not harmful and which is actually needed by the body to survive.  Most of the Glutathione available in the market today contains harmful oxidized Glutathione and are not backed by proper research—a far cry from the strict standards set-up by Bargn Pharmaceutici Phils. Co.  Most importantly, Cosmo Skin’s raw materials is formulated in microcrystalline form that results in a balanced formula that enables the body to absorb Glutathione more effectively, resulting in flawless pinkish white skin.  At present, Cosmo Skin is formulated with maximum potency of 500 mg reduced L-Glutathione coupled with 100 mg. Alpha Lipoic Acid and 100 mg. Ascorbic Acid.

In 2011, Bargn Farmaceutici Phils. Co. tapped the actress Melissa Ricks as its first celebrity endorser at an event held at the SM Mall of Asia.  As one of ABS-CBN’s primetime leading ladies, Melissa has been a long-time user of Cosmo Skin and continues to be at the forefront in Cosmo Skin’s “Deliciously Beautiful” campaign starting this year.

Not surprisingly, Bargn Farmaceutici Phils. Co. is more than satisfied by the industry recognition and has taken upon itself the challenge of becoming even more sensitive to the requirements of Cosmo Skin users.   The upcoming “Delicisously Beautiful” campaign for instance, highlights not only the tried and tested qualities of the product, but is also a continuance of Cosmo Skin’s evolution as a product of the highest standards—a quality attested to by its most recent award. 

Cosmo Skin was given Gold Brand Award for 2012 for .  On hand to give the award was Gold Brand Council.  Receiving the award are Mr. Niño Bautista and Mr. John Redentor Gatus Jr. of Bargn Farmaceutici Phils. Corporation, the makers of Cosmo Skin.

ABS-CBN's primetime leading lady, Melissa Ricks; continues to be Cosmo Skin's "face" in its "Deliciously Beautiful" Campaign starting this year, 2012.

Cosmo Skin L-Glutathione with Advance Skin Whitening Technology is the flagship product of Bargn Farmaceutici Phils. Co.  Introduced in 2006, it pioneered in the use of reduced L-Glutathione—a prime form of Glutathione that is not harmful and which is actually needed by the body to survive—in its formulation.

Its use of reduced L-glutathione makes it unique in the local market, considering that most of the Glutathione distributed locally makes use of oxidized Glutathione.  Cosmo Skin’s raw materials is likewise formulated in microcrystalline form that results in a balanced formula that enables the body to absorb Glutathione more effectively, resulting in flawless, pinkish white immaculate complexion.

Cosmo Skin is formulated with maximum potency of 500 mg reduced L-Glutathione, with 100 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid and 100 mg Ascorbic Acid.  It is available nationwide in leading drugstores and pharmacies.

For more information regarding Cosmo Skin L-Glutathione with Advance Skin Whitening Technology and the other products of Bargn Farmaceutici Phils. Co. 
Visit here: www.cosmo-skin.com    
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cosmoskinandcosmobody

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The Call Center Broker / BPO Summit Manila $ 2012!

Oct 27, 2012 Sat 8am to 6pm Venue Tanghalang Pasigueño Main Theater
At the Back of Pasig City, City Hall Approx 1, 400 seats/participants
Ticket Price 3500 pesos paid Oct 19, 2012 onwards or onsite reg
Early Bird Pay Only 3000 pesos Tickets purchase before Oct 18, 2012
VAT, lunch and 2 AM/PM snacks included

Hot Topics - Running a Call Center Operations
-Outsourcing Campaigns Worldwide
-Outbound Sales Campaigns US and Canada
-US Call Center Broker
-Running a yellow page Campaign
-Call Center Cost Analysis
-Industry Leaders Multimillion $ Pitch
-Telemarketing Campaigns

Call Center Outsourcing Trade Secret Revealed
For more info speakers slot and sponsorship contact jbiadog@yahoo.com 09279896797
9980883/0917 2433920

Speakers Line Up: Foreign and Local Call Center BPO Executives - 18 hot Call Center BPO Recognize Experts Topics, 20 Speakers, 1400 expected participants, 1 day of great event, connect to the World Network of Call Center Pros, Live Interaction Intervals, Close Some Deals Brokers!!!

AM- Morning Session
8:00-8:10 Opening (Welcome Delegates - Maybe a Speech From Senator Mar Roxas - Father of Call Center or Any Govt Incharge or Call Center Expert )

Module 1 - Biz Dev/ BPO Hottest Campaign in the Philippines

8:10-8:30 "A Decade of Outsourcing in the Philippines" By Rebecca Ontiveros - Freelancer, BPO Call Center Broker, Director for Business Development & Project Management GBiZ Consultancy & Outsourcing Services
8:30-8:40 Question and Answer 

Module 2: Outsourcing 5000 Seat for Language Call Center Worldwide

8:40-9:00 (For Co Approval) "Langauge Call Center/BPO Partnership" By Craig Almaguer - Sales Executive based in Languageline.com HQ CA, USA. He will fly from US to discuss things about his co. And successful previous relationship with GenPac in India and Sitel in the Philippines. Also he is looking for Philippines based BPO/call centers all world language tied up.

Craig has a diverse and extensive background in developing projects and a deep commitment to the craft of sales, marketing, events, and recruitment.

In the early ‘90s, Craig lead some of the most success Sales Recruitment Teams in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. From Managing and Recruiting Craig spent 8 years with AT&T (formerly SBC and Pacific Bell) and was instrumental in building California’s internet backbone with an Internet Team throughout California. From there, Craig migrated into the SBC Public Sector and Health Care space handling multi-million dollar budgets with customers like Blue Shield/Blue Cross, and Catholic Health Care West.

In early 2002, Craig skillfully reinvented himself as a General Contractor/Builder and over the next 6 years created some of the most beautiful, efficient, and artful projects in Northern California.

Craig later became the Sales Director and Business Development Manager for Mexican/US Call Center, BerkUSA. Craig acted as Recruiting Director and Sales Manager running sales campaigns with BerkUSA. On many occasions, Craig took on the role Event Director or VP of Sales for campaigns that included AT&T and The Technology & Higher Education Conference in 2010.

Craig currently holds the title of Senior Sales Executive and Territory Manager for Language Line Services. Over the past 18 months, Craig has been developing programs with most of the Fortune 500 in the Central South Territory of the US. Craig’s passion for Language Support Services shows as he is helping Call Centers improve their metrics and increasing revenues through a potentially untapped market with the Multicultural customer. Language Line Services is the largest and oldest Language Service Provider in the US and specializes in Interpretation and Translation Services for the Call Center Industry.
9:00-9:10 Question and Answer

Module 3 - Sales Outbound Telemarketing
"Running a Call Center Campaign Outbound" - Edgar Buenaventura - Top Agent/Top Supervisor/Freelancer He is the Top Account Manager as well. Who is responsible for closing those deals in the actual call center operations hands on. (Superpages.com, US Directory, MIS, POS Terminal, G3 Telecom) with another 2 Panels (Your Co).
9:00-9:10 Question and Answer

Module 4
9:10-9:30 Your Co Here (BPO Call Center Operations Topic)
9:30-9:40 Question and Answer

Module 5 - Call Center Office Space Leasing - Madison Solutions
9:40-10:00 "Cloud Based Hosted Phones System Sales Operations" By Lenny Dandan - Apple/MAC Gold Certified Sales Pro, Hosted PBX Specialist, He leads and Train Account Managers as well, Do Call Center Consulting, He operates before a Start Up Home Based Call Center, Pro Chef, Restaurant Management Consultant.
10:00-10:10 Question and Answer

Module 6: Call Center/BPO for Entreprenuers
10:10-10:30 "BPO Call Center Operations for Entreprenuer" by Khoa Bui - Khoa is a Call Center Veteran from Canada and Australia, Best selling author, international speaker, corporate trainer, blogger and entrepreneur. He has been featured on TV, Radio and Magazines and he has a passion for traveling the world, public speaking, writing books and building online empires. He also loves to write fast as well. Khoa is the founder of the site “Secrets Entrepreneur” where he shares with you tips, strategies and ideas that help people create more wealth by becoming an entrepreneur. 
10:30-10:40 Question and Answer

Module 8   
11:30-11:50  Your Co Here (BPO Call Center Operations Topic) 
11:50-12:00  Question and Answer

Lunch Break 
12:00-12:15  Lunch/Networking/Entertainment/Raffle Prizes from Sponsors
12:15-12:50  Lunch/Commercial Break/Sponsors

PM - Afternoon Session
Module 9 
12:50-1:10  Your Co Here (BPO Call Center Operations Topic) 
1:10-1:20  Question and Answer

Module 10 - Coaching-Training BPO Experts / Call Center Leaders
1:20-1:40 “Leadership in the BPO Industry” By Mike Blanco - Former Pacific Hub Training Director, Local Call Center Operator/Owner. He shared the 7th Habit, Maxwell Coaching Leadership Style Techniques to us Call Center BPO leaders to become effective in managing campaigns.

“With 10 years of working experience in the BPO industry, our speaker rose from the ranks to reach where he is right now. Finding his niche in the BPO industry didn’t come easy, from being a Telemarketer, to a CSR, he found his place in the training department.

Belonging to a sunshine industry proved best for him since he himself was new to it. It didn’t hinder him though to widen his horizons. It’s been almost a year since he retired from the banking and financial services of BPO, he is now in the solar panel manufacturing industry. Mike Blanco is now Sunpower Corporation’s Training and OD Manager.”

1:40-1:50 Question and Answer

Module 11:  Beyond BPO and Call Center Outsourcing Leadership Services

1:50-2:10   "Emergent Leadership: Call Center Culture Shift" By Dave Francisco, Operations Managers, TLs, Coaches, Reps and Call Center Leaders Trainer of Acquire Asia 
2:10-2:20  Question and Answer

Module 12 
2:20-2:40  Your Co Here (BPO Call Center Operations Topic) 
2:40-2:50  Question and Answer

Module 13  
2:50-3:10  Your Co Here (BPO Call Center Operations Topic) 
3:10-3:20  Question and Answer

Module 14 - Financing a Campaign & Running an Outbound Operations
3:20-3:40  "Running an Outbound Online Business Directory, Yellow Page Sales Campaign US/CA" - By Jayson Biadog, Former Superpages.com Top Agent, Top Team Supervisor, Hands-on on the actual BPO Operations, Account Manager G3 Telecom, Call Center Broker, Digital Strategist.
3:40-3:50  Question and Answer

Module 15 
3:50-4:10  Your Co Here (BPO Call Center Operations Topic) 
4:10-4:20  Question and Answer

Module 16 
4:20-4:40  Sponsors Your Co Here (BPO Call Center Operations Products) 
4:40-4:50  Question and Answer

Module 17: Running a 130 Seater US and Australian Sales Campaign

4:50-5:10 "Managing Outbound & Offshore Accounts". By Aldwin Nicolai Santos Oneglobal Operations Manager, Top SEO, eCommerce and US Website Builder Solutions Closer, Sure Connect Operations Manager, AT&T US Top Campaign Manager, Managing Partner MXP Max Professional Philippines.
5:10-5:20  Question and Answer

Module 18 
5:20-5:40  Your Co Here (BPO Call Center Operations Topic) 
5:40-5:50  Question and Answer
5:50-6:00 PM - Closing Remarks (Maybe a Speech From Sen Roxas Father of Call Center or Any Govt In-charge or Call Center Expert) 

Thanks to Our Sponsors:

                                              Muzikademy, janicehung.com

Your Company Next!! 

Event Host/Panel
Valerie Ong - Business Host Pinoy Swapping, Jordan Farms
Jeff Yu - RHTV Host, Bizwiz Managing Director
Alvin Gale Tan - SME Forum GNN TV, Digitalfilipino.com
Stanley Chi - Lunch Break Comedian/Book Author

Marketing Partner
PMCM Events Management, DZRH RHTV Producer Bart Abaya, BPO Broker Edgar Buenaventura, Aldwin Santos, Digitalfilipinoclub.com

All digital filipino club members are entitled to 10% discount

Media Partner
GNN SME Forum, RHTV Pinoy Swapping, Barter Trader, Juan Manila, The Bright Side


Summit/Event Organizer: jaysonbiadog.com, blog services, PMCM Events

Would your company like to sponsor this event? Around 1,400 call center BPO brokers are expected to join. The main decision maker TOP CEO, Broker, Call Center Pros, Freelancer, Start Up BPO's in the Call Center Outsourcing Industry. You can get potential clients and biz partnership here. Also see how call center operations software/hardware, government, from commercial places to pizza, coffee shops, events, hotels to catering n biz x deals is closed.

To supply a call center company from 10 seats to thousand of employees. As the industry grows rapidly. Merging of campaigns and partnerships. I witnessed before a multimillion $ relationship and long term partnership start at this kind of expo. For Govt lets bring the Call Center ICT operation on your Home-city or Town. To boost your employment, revenue and taxation.

25k pesos Bronze Sponsors (booth + flyers insert +token+blogs+ social media promotion), 2 free delegate ticket slot/tickets50k pesos Silver (booth + flyers insert +token+blogs+ social media promotion + speaker slot + radio or tv slot )4 free delegate slot/tickets
100k pesos gold
(booth + flyers insert +token+blogs+ social media promotion + speaker slot + radio or tv slot, panel TV interview ) Poster big ads + 10 free delegate slot/tickets

You can give raffle prizes or tokens to delegates or any cash donation if your in tight in ads budget.

Beneficiary: 10% of the total revenue of the Ticket and Sponsorship you bought. Will proceed to August 8, 2012 heavy Disaster in Manila, Philippines Typhoon Victims.