Saturday, July 28, 2012

“Cleaner Air All Around Through RAYCOP Anti-Allergy Cleaners!”

          It’s difficult enough to confront an enemy that is clearly visible; but if it’s unseen and equally dangerous, that poses problems.

     Frequent and treacherous enemies that threaten the health and well-being of people—and largely unseen by the naked eye—are dust mites and other forms allergens or deadly microorganisms usually found in fabrics like curtains, beddings and linen, and of course in sofas, futons, pillows and baby cribs, the last an utmost concern since it is used by babies. Of course there are others like fungus, molds and mildew, salmonella and the dreaded and deadlier E. Coli.

    Dust mites, in particular, are the most common. They are the types of creatures unseen or too-small-to-see without a microscope or magnifying glass. Belonging to the “arachnid” type, which includes spiders, scorpions or even ticks, they usually feed on dead skin or even leftover food from those weekend DVD marathons with the family (popcorn, chips, etc.) on the sofa or even beds and other furniture. However, it’s not the dust mites that actually wreak havoc on our health but their droppings. Most people develop severe allergies like itchy red lumps when they come in contact with dust mite droppings, or even severe difficulty in breathing or asthma attacks once dust laden with dust mite droppings is inhaled.

     The good news, however, is that a new device was invented to fight off these dangerous elements through the use of “UVC,” a type of ultraviolet rays from the sun that are germicidal in nature, meaning it can kill various bacteria upon exposure even for a few seconds. And this is the type of technology used by a pioneering vacuum cleaner, the Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy cleaner.

     Using UVC light technology patterned after the discovery of Dutch scientist Niels Ryberg Finsen, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine back in 1903 for his “contribution to the treatment of diseases, especially lupus vulgaris, with ‘concentrated light radiation,’” Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy vacuum cleaners is able to kill 99% of bacteria and kills almost 94% of dust mites, and even the fearsome H1N1 Influenza A virus that threatened the country a few years back.

    The process of eliminating bacteria and other allergens employed by the Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy cleaner is through its patented 3-step allergy care system: vibrating, sterilizing and double-filtering.

     The Vibrating Pad shakes particles and dust mites away from mattresses, pillows and other fabrics and linens by vibrating a whopping 3,600 times per minute, making sure that even the most stubborn dust mites are removed.

    This is followed by the UVC Sterilization lamp that kills bacteria to leave surfaces germ-free. Based on lamp technology courtesy of Philips and Sankyo, the lamp uses a highly efficient and effective 253.7 nanometer wavelength, the same germicidal ultraviolet wavelength used in hospitals, clinics and laboratories for more than 60 years now.

     Finally, Raycop uses a cartridge filter that captures the larger particles and traps them so they cannot go back to the room and helps extend the life of the Micro Allergy Filter, which is the one that traps the smaller particles to make sure they do not escape as well.

    Bukang Sems Co., Ltd. Health and Home Appliances Division, makers of Raycop, through its President, Sung Jin Lee, believes that the compact and convenient Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy Cleaner is a perfect fit for Filipino homes today, particularly for families who wish to make sure that the air they breathe is clean and safe for their entire household.

    “We have the product that can help Filipinos clean the air, especially in their homes or even their offices. It has been our goal to make lives of people around the world to become better through our award-winning appliances, and we want Filipinos to benefit from our products as well,” declares Sung Jin Lee, President of Bukang Sems Co. Ltd.’s Health and Home Appliances Division.

    Available soon in the country are the Raycop “Smart” and “Hera” product lines.  Raycop “Smart” is the original model and best-selling Raycop product, with more than 1,000,000 sold in 30 countries. The Raycop “Hera,” on the other hand, is Raycop’s latest product, with an ergonomic design and a removable handle. Both products can kill 99% of E.Coli, Staphylococcus and Candida bacteria, and almost 94% of dust mites, with a replaceable Micro Allergy Filtration filter that filters more than 99.97% of dust remnants and keeps cleaning with utmost efficiency. The Raycop “Smart” has a single-vibrating pad while the “Hera,” has a double vibrating pad. Both has a transparent window that tells the user when it is time to empty the dust bin of particles.

    The Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy cleaner is the first anti-allergy vacuum cleaner with the Seal of Approval of the prestigious British Allergy Foundation, the Trophée de la Maison from the French Consumers’ Union and the LOHAS Seal of Approval from the Korea Standards Association. Sold in around 30 countries around the world including the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Japan and South Korea, Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy cleaner is manufactured by the Health and Home Appliances Division of Bukang Sems Co., Ltd., the global and award-winning Incheon, Korea-based company whose aim is to help people live healthier and create a better home environment.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

ONE Fighting Championship™ and ONE FC: Pride of a Nation!

        ONE Fighting Championship is Asia's largest mixed martial arts event. ONE FC features the best Asian fighters and the largest pan-Asian media broadcast to over 28 countries in Asia.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is the fastest growing sport in the world today. In true Darwinian fashion, the sport of MMA allows for any martial arts style to compete against any martial arts style in the most free of artistic expressions for martial artists. MMA athletes utilize the best techniques from any and all martial arts in order to compete standing up or on the ground.

 Whether it is Karate, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Silat, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Kali, Shuai Jiao, Aikido, or other martial arts, Asia has been the birthplace and home of martial arts for the last 5,000 years. Mixed martial arts (MMA) is the most exciting evolution in centuries and is the future of martial arts. It combines the excitement of a prize fight, the athleticism of the Olympics, the tradition of martial arts, and the adrenaline of a rock concert.

      ONE Fighting Championship aims to host the most exciting MMA fights in Asia, featuring the top Asian fighters

      ONE FC: Pride of a Nation on August 31 in Manila will be the most stacked card in ONE FC history. DREAM Champions, URCC Champions, ex UFC Champions, 3 Gracies, PRIDE veterans, and other Asian stars will make history in front of 16,500 fans at the legendary Araneta Coliseum where Muhammad Ali fought Joe Frazier in "Thrilla in Manila". It will be the largest MMA event in Filipino history.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Niscenssa Direct Sales Launches Glam Online Store!

Niscenssa Direct Sales, the direct selling arm of Nisce Skin ‘n Face, today launched the Niscenssa online store (, the easiest way to shop for Niscenssa products, with their new brand ambassador, actress Bela Padilla.

 The Niscenssa online store features the full range of quality Niscenssa Direct skin care products allowing customers to buy at their convenience. Niscenssa products are dermatologist tested and approved and are formulated by Nisce’s world-class research and development team to suit every skin type.

“As we want to bring beauty within everyone’s reach, we are inspired to break into e-business by opening an online store. Through this, we aim to reach areas where Nisce skin clinics are not available, as well as areas where we do not have enough direct sellers,” said Atty. Blaise Nisce, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Nisce Skin ‘n Face.

Before having an online store for the Niscenssa Direct products, a direct selling arm for their skincare products was established, called Niscenssa Direct Sales. The direct selling arm aims to provide an income-generating opportunity for loyal customers and to bring the glamour of effective skincare products within everyone’s reach.

Niscenssa Direct products range from skincare for men and women, makeup, and insect repellent and are divided into four brand categories –Blaise, Dr.Skin, Nisce, and Niscenssa. The Blaise brand is a unique skincare line specially formulated for men. It has a wide array of products from shaving cream to facial scrub. Dr. Skin product line is formulated for whitening, acne treatment and prevention, and age defying; products under this category range from deodorants to facial creams and lotions. Soap products of Niscenssa Direct are under the Nisce brand, with different types –whitening, exfoliating, and organic soap. Aside from the soap, Nisce also has sunblock lotion with SPF 80. Their makeup products are under Niscenssa; available products under this brand are face powders and foundations. The insect repellent product that provides up to eight hours of protection against mosquitoes is also under this category.

For more information about the Niscenssa products, visit the Niscenssa online store at
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PRSP Tackles “Disruptive” Social Media Issues In PR Congress Congress

  The social and digital media revolutions has brought about an Age of Disruption that calls for changes in the way that business and organizations can best respond to influence the consumer mind.

   The advent and power of connection technologies have given people tools that connect them to vast amounts of information and to one another. Disruptive influencers such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs flashmobs and mobile technology, create tremendous opportunities for brands or governments to create a new competitive mindshift for more effective customer or citizen engagement.

   With this scenario, the 19th National PR Congress organized by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP), with the them ‘PR 360 responding in the Age of Disruption, has lined up topics that will assist PR and communications professionals in achieving the requires shifts in mindsets and formulating the relevant PR management practices that will make social media work best for them, while building on the gains of traditional media.

  With advance metrics, a company can now directly observe hundreds of social signal swimming in the sea of unstructured consumer information through social networks’,  giving rise to citizen journalism. Every act and behavior of companies is being watched., commented upon and written and give the appropriate responses. With social media, a company is not  just talking to consumers and competitors but engages in two-way communication as their response is played back real time.

   PR Congress Chair Malou L. Espina said a panel of international and local speakers will assist the delegates in mapping out their responses within the new media industries as they answer questions on topics such as "Who are the media today?", "Walk the Line: Has Ethical Practice Changed Today with the Change in Influencers?", and "Integrating Communications Amidst the Disruption".

   The Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP) is the country’s premier organization for public relations professionals. In its roster are practitioners who represent business and industry, government, non-profit organizations, hospitals, schools, hotels and professional services among others. PRSP is a non-stock, non-profit organization established on February 19, 1957 by leading PR practitioners in the country. The Society’s mission is to advance the practice of public relations by (1) uniting those engaged in the profession; (2) encouraging continuing education of practitioners; (3) generating public confidence in the profession by promoting high ethical practice and encouraging high standards of public service; (4) playing the active role in all matters affecting the practice of public relations; and (5) strengthening the relationships of public relations professionals with employees and clients, government at all levels, educators, with media and the general public.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Couleurs La Femme Celebrates Choices for Femme Power!

     It was a night of color and creative expressions of Couleurs La Femme and it's healthcare partners and media came together to celebrate its product line that offers Filipino women choices for the lives they desire. 

     Ms. Ludy Geraldes, Marketing Representative for Couleurs La Femme said that Couleurs La Femme , is with the modern Filipina in mind, knowing that more Filipinas these days want to savor the very best that in life can offer while balancing the demands of their families and careers.    Couleurs La Femme is for the woman who doesn't just have a life, but has a "lifestyle."

    "What we are celebrating is more than just options for women; today, we are celebrating the rise of the new Filipina - a woman who can take on the world with equal amounts of determinationn, vivaciousness, and 'joie de vivre,' said Ms. Geraldes.

     An all-Filipino pharmaceutical company that focuses on women's health and wellness, distributed by Cynosure, Couleurs La Femme is in a line of contraceptive pills that is specially formulated to help women achieve beauty, balance, vitality and freedom. 

     Couleurs La Femme's celebration of women's Beauty, Balance, Vitality and Freedom, with the bright splashes of color and movement from a fashion, performance of Airdance and The Bloom Brothers, and stylishly-curated lifestyle hubs. The wonderful fabulous night treated the guests with sumptuous cocktail spread, free-flowing drinks and a raffle of fragrances and jewelry.

    Geraldes concludes, "tonight is all about celebrating beauty, balance, vitality and freedom - about raising our glass to the Filipina who wants to have it all, because she can," 

Couleurs  La Femme  is  available  in  Mercury Drug  and  Watsons  branches and  selected  drugstores.  It  is recommended that women see their gynecologist or healthcare provider for more information.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


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     In addition to that, it is an ideal way of keeping in touch and perfect ‘in’ place to pass time. Back then, it took phone calls, letters (and even carrier pigeons) to keep in touch with contacts.

     With the ever growing popularity of the internet, the world seems to have shrunk to a smaller size as relationships are bridged through this platform. And in this current era if you don’t have Internet, you’re considered outdated and ‘uncool’.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

ALAM Party List! Para sa MALAYANG MEDIA, Supports The 1st Laguna Blogging Summit (1LaBS)

  • ALAM ay:
    Isang party-list organization na mayroong regional chapters mula sa Luzon, Visayas at Mindanao.
    Binubuo ng mga propesyonal na mamamahayag (media men) at mga mamamayang galing sa iba’t-ibang sektor ng lipunan.
    Ang kumakatawan sa mga naninindigan sa pagpapahayag na may KATOTOHANAN, may KALAYAAN, at may KALINGA sa taong bayan.
    Ang ALAM ay naniniwala na:
    Ang tanging limitasyon sa pagpapahayag ay ang KATOTOHANAN.
    Ang HUSTISYA ay para sa LAHAT.
    Ang bawat mamamayan na gustong malayang maipahayag ang kanilang saloobin ay maari ring tawaging MAMAMAHAYAG.
    Sa ATIN nakasalalay ang ating kinabukasan at kaunlaran, hindi sa gobyerno at sa ibang tao.
    Walang corrupt sa mamamayang MULAT.
    Walang DEMOKRASYA kung walang MALAYANG MEDIA.
    Ang ALAM ang nagtataguyod sa:
    Mas madaling pagtanggap ng mga sumusunod na serbisyong panlipunan:
    benepisyong pangkalusugan
    edukasyon at scholarship

    legal assistance
    benepisyo para sa Senior Citizens
    programang pangkabuhayan
    Mga programang magtataas ng kamulatan, kaalaman at partisipasyon ng mga mamamayan sa mga isyung nakaaapekto sa atin sa pamamagitan ng mga PANGMAMAMAYANG SENTRO NG PAMAMAHAYAG (Citizen’s Press Centers) sa bawat rehiyon.
    Mga self-help programs na may kaugnayan sa:
    pagtatayo at pagpapalakad ng mga kooperatiba
    maliliit na negosyo o mga programang pangkabuhayan
    pagprotekta sa ating kapaligiran at likas-yaman lalo na ang ukol sa pagmimina
    mga programang pangkalusugan na tutugon sa pangangailangan ng mga mahihirap nating kababayan
    mga programang magpapabuti ng peace and order, susugpo ng krimen at problema sa droga at pagsasamantala sa mga manggagawa
    mga programang pang-edukasyon o pagbibigay ng pagkakataon sa mga walang kaya na makapag-aral ng libre
    pagsasabatas ng Kapakanan ng mga Mamamahayag o Journalists’ Welfare Act para sa pagsusulong ng kapakanan, karapatan at proteksyon sa mga mamamahayag.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Philippine Children's Medical Center Party For Children With Cancer & Blood Drive..

     Philippine Educational Charities USA, Maja_Japan online charities Corp( Registered charity in the Philippines) and The D-Clan have teamed up with the Philippine Children's Medical Center in Quezon City Philippines to throw... a party for over 250 children struggling and suffering with cancer. 

    Every Month of July, The Philippine Children's medical Center Pediatric Blood Center(PedBC) Celebrates it's annual blood donors Month. During this Month we inculcated the ultimate mission of up lifting the lives of the children especially the less fortunate ones by giving them hope and a chance to lead a normal life.
     In celebration with this on July 12Th 2012, we are having a children's party for over 250 patients. To have a fun filled day and allow these children to feel like a kid again.
    We are asking all to join us and celebrate these children's lives by donating pens, pencil's, coloring books, markers, colored pencils, crayons, reading book, clothes, new or gently used toys. If you would like to donate any financial donations we can give tax write off in the Philippines or here in the states.

   We also need volunteers for this event. Please call or text Therry Alpaat 09228922132/9851941/3652546

    Please come and join us. Please spread the word of this event. this can be a an event everyone can enjoy.

   If you are with the news press or radio and would like to be part of this and help promote this wonderful event please call or text Therry Alpa at 09228922132/9851941/3652546 or Please contact Jamie Del Rosario Martinez at 09224627444

This events will support and sponsored by:

AYUS DITO! Celebrating the New Pinoy Lifestyle with’s I-Ball!

     Filipinos have a knack for catching onto what is hip and trendy. From fashion to food, we Filipinos have been able to take a concept from other countries, give it a new twist and called it our own. Not only have we dominated social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, we have also taken to online classified ads sites like 
, the preferred online classified ads for Pinoys by Pinoys and awarded the 2011 No. 1 Classified Ads website by Digital Filipino Search Profile Index, had recently organized its first Ayos Dito I-Ball, a blogger event attended by GMA Channel 7’s latest IT-GIRL – model/artist/singer/actress Solenn Heussaff and ABS CBN Channel 2’s upcoming dramatic actor John Medina and funny yet naughty DJ Tony Toni of Magic 89.9 at the COWO Asia in Ortigas Center, Pasig City. 

    “Ayos Dito I- Ball", is a blogger event that celebrates the fun and unique Filipino lifestyle, that is reflective of how people buy and sell online. Buying and selling online with is free, easy and hassle-free, just how we Pinoys like it.” says Jon Santico, General Manager of 701 Search Inc., the company behind the site.

    This event is also to say thank you to the community closest to our hearts. Bloggers who have experienced using the website have shared their hassle – free shopping experience online, and were instrumental in bringing other users to our site." Santico added.

    Tanya Cabbab,’s marketing manager shared “Aside from having the chance to get to know the AyosDito team and learn more about the site and what were about, we hope everyone had a great time, simply hanging out with us and enjoying the food, the games and the raffle prizes.”

   The food served at the Ayos Dito I-Ball was a twist on regular pinoy comfort food. Tempura Quail Eggs (a modern take on streetfood favorite - Kwekkwek), Mexico meets Pampanga’s best sisig tacos, Chicken Pate on Fita a childhood favorite, The simple tuyo, glammed up in a Tuyo Pasta, oh so yummy Angus Corned Beef Pan de sal. The iced tea was a refreshing honeymansi by Nestea. A special treat was the kakanin ice cream in 3 flavors – Champorado, Mangga’t Suman and Sapin Sapin ice cream by Sebastian’s .

   There were 2 games at the event, an old party favorite – Bring Me, and a special game - Find a great deal which familiarized bloggers with how the site works which involved the celebrities who attended the event.

  The much - anticipated raffle, A Samsung Galaxy phone, a Fuji Polaroid Camera, and the grand prize was an Apple iPad 2.

  Each blogger brought home a lootbag with an t-shirt, a notebook, a coffee tumbler and an pen with 1G USB.

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